Apr 21

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National Trails in England, Scotland & Wales

British National Trails

National Trails are long distance routes for walking, cycling and horse riding through the finest landscapes in England and Wales. In Scotland the equivalent trails are called long distance routes.

coastal path in southwest wales

Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

Altogether, in England and Wales, there are about 2,500 miles (4,000km) of National Trail. They have all been created by linking existing local footpaths, bridleways and minor roads and by developing new ones where there were gaps. There are 15 Trails in England and Wales (when complete 2 of these will be suitable for use by horse riders and cyclists along their entire length) and 4 in Scotland.

via About the National Trails – National Trails.

List of National Trails in England, Scotland and Wales

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  1. Ross-Barry Finlayson

    This is a great reference page Kevin and I have posted it on my social-network ‘sites.

  2. trailsnet

    Thanks Barry. I will definitely be heading to the UK for some trail biking sometime in the next 2 or 3 years. It’s near the top of my dream trip list. I’ve been there multiple times, but never biking or on trails. To me, that seems like the ultimate way to tour England.

  3. Sheila Talbot

    Kevin, Many thanks for bringing our National Trails in England and Wales to the attention of US walkers and trail bikers. The variety of Trails we have to offer is amazing, from wild moors and rugged coastlines to walks along Hadrian’s Roman Wall and through the wooded hills of the Cotswolds. There’s and even a gentle river walk into the centre of London!

    Of course our country doesn’t have the vast expanses of wilderness that you have in the States but the benefit of that is that there are comfortable B&Bs and pubs at the end of every day’s walk and there are even companies that will carry your bags from one night’s stop to the next.

    We look forward to welcoming you all and you should find everything you need on the website to plan your trip.

    1. trailsnet

      Thanks for the input & information Sheila. If I could spend every summer touring the National Trails of England, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Between the scenery, history, and local pubs, it would be about as close to heaven on earth as a person could possibly get.
      By the way, your trails websites are extremely well constructed and helpful… and greatly appreciated.

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