May 18

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New Trail Post Features for Active Travel & Trail Travel

New Trail Submission Features on Trailsnet.com

What makes Trailsnet unique? We are one of the only trail websites that cater to active travelers and trail travel. As

active travel & trail travel information

Post Trail Travel Info

promised in yesterday’s post, today we’ll take at some of the new features on the Trailsnet Add a New Trail page. These new trail submission features are unique, helpful and a huge improvement over our previous trail submission form:

  • Trail uses – This is the place that allows you to list the PTVs (Personal Transportation Vehicles) that can be used on each trail. Actually, this section isn’t new, but starting later this week, some of the trail vehicle options will be new. As some of you know, the most popular trail blog post that we’ve ever had (based upon comments) was the one about electric bikes on trails. So it only makes sense that we add an option to let people know if electric bikes are allowed on the trails. It also makes sense to add Stand-Up-Vehicles (Trikke, Me-Mover, Elliptigo) to the list of trail vehicles.
  • Trail Lodging – Since Trailsnet is a site that encourages trail travel, it only makes sense that we offer the option to add suggested lodging to our trail information entries. We hope people will add hotel names, addresses & contact information so that other trail travelers can find camp grounds and hotels near the trails.
  • Trail Dining – Likewise, we’re hoping trail users will suggest dining options near the trail including restaurants, delis, grocery stores and farmers markets. The more information you give, the better, so please include location, hours, reviews, menu information and whatever else you have available.
  • Suggested Bike Rental/Repair – Trail travelers need to know where they can rent a trail bike, repair their own bike or maybe even buy a new bike. Keep in mind, we don’t mind if shop owners submit information about their own bike store, as long as it’s fairly close to the trail.
  • Active Travel Tour Companies – As mentioned before, Trailsnet is for trail lovers and active travelers. So if you own an active travel tour company or know of a company that provide adventure travel options on a particular trail, be sure to include it in the section titled “Companies That Provide Tours on This Trail.”

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