Oct 28

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Make Trail Maps With GPX Files on Trailsnet

Make GPX Trail Maps Easily on Trailsnet


Add a Trail

Back in 2012, I promised we would make one major overhaul to Trailsnet each year, and 2016 is no different. In 2015 we went international by allowing users to post and find trails worldwide. In 2014 we got a brand new look to the website. In 2013 Trailsnet debuted the brand new photo gallery option. And in 2012 Trailsnet offered the first version of our Add-a-Trail feature so the general public could input their favorite trails to Trailsnet.com. But I think the new GPX mapping option that Trailsnet just unveiled is the biggest and most useful offering so far. It will make adding trails (with maps) so much easier. Now instead of having to copy and paste HTML code into the mapping portion of the Add-a-Trail feature, you can just enter your GPX or KML file and a new trail map is automatically generated. In just the last couple days, since the new option to make trail maps from GPX files, new trail submissions have gone up dramatically. It looks like the public is loving it.

How to Add a Trail Map to Your Trail Description


Fill Out Trail Information

Adding a trail on Trailsnet.com is easy. Just click on the Add-a-Trail button in the top horizontal menu bar and you’ll immediately be taken to the Add-a-Trail form. If you’ve never added a trail before, you will first need to register, but don’t worry. It’s free, easy and safe. You will occasionally get blog post notifications, but you can opt out of that if you’d like. Once you’ve registered, you can begin adding trails.  In addition to describing your favorite trail, you have the options of adding photos, adding links and adding a trail map. It’s this last feature that just got drastically improved. Adding a map is now quick and easy. If you record your trail rides on a GPS (such as Garmin) or using an app on your smart phone, you can have the GPX and/or KML files sent to you via an email. Once you get this file, just save or drag it onto your computer. It may automatically go to your downloads file. When you are in the Add-a-Trail form on Trailsnet, just scroll down to where it says Trail map (GPX/KML). Click on the ADD

Click on ADD FILE Button

Click on ADD FILE Button

FILE button. Then just drag your GPX file into the Select File box on the screen or click on the Select Files button and select the GPX file from your computer. Once you do this and complete the Add-a-Trail form, Trailsnet will automatically create a trail map that will appear on the new trail page. It may sound convoluted, but give it a try. It’s really quite simple and intuitive.

Select GPX File

Select GPX File

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