Apr 16

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Trailsnet Voted One of Top Tucson Hiking Blogs

hiking blog award

Hiking Blog Award

Trailsnet Continues to Accumulate Outdoor Awards

Trailsnet is quickly becoming one of the most coveted websites for trail information, active travel and outdoor fitness. Most recently, Southwest Discoveries awarded Trailsnet a spot on the top Tucson hiking blogs list as a result of Trailsnet’s contribution to the active travel and trail enthusiast communities.

Top Active Travel and Hiking Trail Promoter

According to the award, “Trailsnet is a network of trails on the internet which allows users to find the trail of their dreams for biking, hiking, cross-country skiing, backpacking and trail running Founded by author Kevin Purdy, an avid hiker and freelance writer, it provides information about active travel opportunities worldwide.” 
 Trailsnet has won numerous similar blogging awards in the past, but the thrill of serving our community of outdoor enthusiasts never grows old. Thanks to Southwest Discoveries for recognizing the contribution that Trailsnet.com makes to the outdoor community and the world of trail lovers.
Read more: http://www.southwestdiscoveries.com/hiking-trails-in-tucson-top-blogs-to-read-in-2017/#ixzz4eTBTYSEC

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