Aug 04

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Coffee for the Trail

Stoked Coffee for the Trail

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Stoked Stix Coffee

Outdoor coffee enthusiasts rejoice!! Now there’s a coffee company that caters to those of us who love drinking smooth coffee in the great outdoors. Stoked Coffee Roasters is headquartered in Hood River, Oregon and provides us with the perfect coffee for those of us who enjoy our caffeine while out on the trail.

What Makes Good Coffee for Outdoor Enthusiasts?

Whether you are a backpacker, bike-packer or car camper, you want coffee that meets the following criteria:

  • tastes good (duh)
  • easy and convenient to pack (doesn’t take up too much room)
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    Great Outdoor Coffee

  • easy to make (no electric outlets in the wilderness)
  • versatile (hot in the morning, cold in the afternoon)

Stoked Stix instant coffee meets all those requirements. A box of Stoked Stix comes with eight .12 ounce packets of instant coffee. The packets (sticks) of coffee are extremely easy to stow in a backpack or daypack without taking up much room or making a mess. I transferred my Stix to Ziplock bags as an added precaution and for easy access. Making coffee with Stoked Stix was about as easy as it gets. The instant coffee powder mixes easily with either hot or cold water. So I was able to enjoy hot coffee in the morning and cold coffee in the afternoon. And best of all, the coffee was delicious. I’m a cold-brew coffee fan because I like my coffee smooth and rich. I found Stoked Coffee Stix to make coffee that wasn’t bitter and could easily be mixed to whatever strength I desired.

Other Stoked Coffees

Stoked Stix Coffee review

Great Camping Coffee

If you’re about to hit the trail for a week of backpacking, then Stoked Stix is definitely the way to go. As mentioned above, they are lightweight and convenient for stowing in a backpack. But what about for back home or for car camping? Stoked also makes a line of Signature Series Coffee Blends that are great for brewing a pot of hot coffee or even whipping up a batch of bodacious cold-brewed coffee. So, my recommendation to all of you Trailsnet fans is to visit the Stoked Roasters website and add a box (or two) of Stoked Stix and at least one bag of Stoked coffee or espresso beans to your shopping cart. You love the great outdoors, so your coffee should be crafted with the outdoors in mind. Stoked coffee is going to be an essential supply on my backpacking list. Once you give it a try, I think you’ll feel the same way.


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