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Guest Blog Post Guidelines

Trail Blog Posts Welcome

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Just like Trailsnet welcomes guests to post trail information, we also accept guest blog posts. However, Trailsnet has blog guest post guidelines, so please have a look at these guest post requirements:

  • conveys quality, practical information about trails or trail-related topics (This is essential & guest-posts will not be accepted if they do not have a strong trail-related focus.)
  • is able to be used exclusively on Trailsnet.com
  • may include up to five photos/graphics that are related to the post content but please keep graphic size as condensed as possible. If you aren’t able to condense your photo/illustration, then only send one graphic
  • infringes no copyright laws
  • includes a headline, body text, and your byline (preferably w/ a wee bit of information about yourself or your qualifications

Trailsnet Blog Post Contact Information

If you would like to submit a guest post to the Trailsnet blog, please utilize the Trailsnet contact link located above. You can either send a query or the entire proposed post. Your expertise, opinions and information are welcome but subject to approval.

Trailsnet Guest Post Topics

We realize that many people write guest posts to drive traffic to their website. So links to your website are fine, but any links must be related to trail information and/or one of the following topics:

  • trail/outdoor fitness
  • trail travel
  • trail etiquette
  • trail rules
  • trail legislation
  • trail vehicles
  • trail products
  • trail adventures
  • trail lifestyles
  • human interest stories that relate to trails
  • animals on trails (wildlife or domesticated animals)
  • trails in nature

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