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What Kind of Trails are on Trailsnet?

Biggest Variety of Trails on the Internet

Trailsnet has the biggest selection of trail types on the internet. In addition to the usual mountain bike and hiking trails, we also include information about destination trails, vacation trails, tour trails and more. Here is a list of just some of the trail types that are available on Trailsnet.com. If we’re missing a trail type, please let us know.

▪   hiking trails

▪   bike trails

▪   rail-trails

▪   canal trails

▪   urban trails

▪  historical trails

▪  scenic trails

▪  park trails

▪   connector trails

▪  mountain bike trails

▪  backpacking trails

▪  inline skating trails

▪  paved trails

▪  cement trails

▪  dirt trails

▪  gravel trails

▪  snowshoe trails

▪  nordic ski trails


▪  Trikke trails

▪  international trails

▪  Island trails

▪  Trekking trails

▪  handicap accessible trails

▪   canoe trails

▪   kayak trails

▪   underwater trails (scuba & snorkel)


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