Mar 28

Camino del Rey Trail in Spain

Camino del Rey Trail Photos Say it All images

If trail enthusiasts in Spain can find the funding for this incredible suspended trail, then cities, states, counties, provinces & countries should easily be able to fund the vital trails images-1 needed to form an essential network of trails for recreation, exercise and transportation. Although most people call this trail Camino del Rey, it’s actual name is Caminito del Rey which means “the king’s little pathway.” That’s all I’ll say about this amazing trail. I’ll let these Camino Del Rey footpath photos do the rest of the talking.

images-2 images-3 images-4


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Mar 21

Hiking in Japan – An Outdoor Paradise

hikers on Japanese trail

mountain trail in Japan

Mountain Climbing in Japan

Japan is a land steeped in beauty, history and culture. For the outdoor enthusiast, it’s all here. Approximately 73% of the islands landmass in uninhabitable due to the many mountain ranges that stretch in all directions and as far as the eye can see. So, if you are into the gut-busting outdoor life of mountain climbing, take your pick. Many climbers, who place Japan on their list, tend to (attempt) complete the “100 Famous Japanese Mountains”, or Hyakumeizan as they are known locally. Spread throughout the archipelago are many Pilgrimages, the Shikoku Pilgrimage being the most famous of them, dating back many centuries.

Hiking the Tokaido Road in Japan

hikers on Japan's Tokaido Road

Hiking the Tokaido Road

Before the invention of modern transport, which lead to the many motorways and highways that span this nation, anyone who wanted to migrate between regions, did so via old rock and mud roads. The most famous being the Tokaido (road) which, in many places, has been faithfully restored and maintained. Then, if you are like me, get on the internet, log-into “Google Maps” and find somewhere to go and create your own itinerary. Most of my outings are such trips. You never know what is just around the corner; this video is just one such experience I had.

Japanese Paths – Car-free and Carefree in Japan


Japan trail hiking

footpath in Japan

Over the years Japan has payed a lot of attention to it’s infrastructure, particularly in the area of roads and public transport. There not many places that are not serviced by a rail line or bus service. Even the most isolated of places is sure to have a bus service, albeit one-or-two buses per day. So, getting-around is no problem.  I am honored to have been asked by Kevin to contribute to his site, “Trailsnet”, on hiking in Japan. Most of my posts will be of paths and hikes I have done in the Kansai Region, which incorporates such famous areas as Osaka, Kyoto and Nara.

Great Outdoors in Japan

Although I am an avid outdoors person, I don’t profess to being an expert, nor do I have a complete knowledge of hiking

hiking trail in Japan

Barry on trail

in Japan. What I do have is respect and appreciation for what we have here. And that is what my posts are about. If you are planning on visiting the Kansai area, touch base with me and, if possible, I will take the time to help you experience the great outdoors of Japan.

photo of Ross Barry Findlayson

Barry – The Outdoorholic


Many thanks to Ross-Barry Finlayson, the Outdoorholic. Barry has been a Trailsnet follower from the beginning and has contributed wonderful Japan hiking and biking blog posts on Trailsnet. And now that Trailsnet has international trails, we can all look forward to Barry’s Japan hiking trail contributions.

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Mar 14

Trailsnet Has Trails in Every State

Find Trails in All 50 States on Trailsnet

Trailsnet has now fulfilled their main goals for 2014 – 2015. The second of those two goals was to provide an option for finding and adding international trails on Trailsnet. That goal has now been accomplished. But our #1 goal, for the last couple years, has been to feature the best trails from every state on Trailsnet. It took us a little longer than expected, but that goal has now been accomplished also. Every state is now represented on Trailsnet.

How to Find Trails in Every State

a list of trails in every state

Finding Trails

Because of the new international trails feature, the navigation on is slightly different. The most obvious difference is the new trail navigation menu in the right-hand sidebar. Using this new menu, Trailsnet browsers are able to locate trails by geographical region, trail length, trail surface, trail use and trail type. The other website navigation change is on the main Trailsnet horizontal navigation bar. Now, when you hover over the Trails link on that menu, you will discover three different levels of trail navigation. The first pull-down option will show you seven different geographic locations including Unites States, Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Central America/Mexico and Europe. (See screen-shot on the right side of this post.) So now, to find United States Trails, you will hover over the Trails link, then pull down to the United States option, then over to the state of your choice and then one more level over to the trail of your choice within that state. Hopefully you’ll take this opportunity to give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Next Trailsnet Trail Goals

Now that Trailsnet has accomplished these major goals, it’s time to set a couple more. So here are the Trailsnet goals for 2015-2016:

  • Improve Add-a-Trail Function: Feedback from loyal Trailsnet fans shows that our Add-a-Trail function is not as easy as it could or should be to use. So that’s the next major goal for Trailsnet – to improve this function and make it easier for first-time users to add trails. The current system is pretty simple once you’re already registered to add a trail. But first-time users struggle with the current registration process.
  • Trails in Every Country: This one may take more than a couple years, but we can dream, can’t we? Just as we now have trails in every state, it will be nice when we can say we have trail in every country worldwide. So if you haven’t already added a trail to Trailsnet, now’s the time. Trailsnet now offers you the opportunity to add a trail anywhere in the world.

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Mar 07

Ohio Trails and Bike Museum

Bike Trails in Ohio

Way back in 2011, Trailsnet dubbed Ohio as Trail State of the Year. Well it just keeps getting better. Trailsnet has now discovered two new attractions that make Ohio the king of trail biking. So in addition to great trails like the Ohio to Erie Trail (325 miles), the North Coast Inland Trail (NCIT) (270 miles) and the Ohio & Erie Towpath trail (100 miles), and great websites like the Ohio Bikeways website, they also have two other fantastic bike/trail related attractions.

Xenia Station

What a great idea. A trail hub to serve numerous converging bicycle paths. Xenia Station, in (where else?) Xenia, Ohio serves as a link to five different trails and over 170 miles of paved bike paths. Built as a replica to the original 1880 train station in the same area, this beautiful and functional structure serves as a museum, an observation tower and a classroom. But it’s more than just a symbolic meeting place. The Xenia Station is also a lifeline for Ohio trail users since it provides restrooms, vending machines, water and shelter for bicyclists, hikers and other outdoor recreationalists. It is this type of devotion to trails and their fans that makes Ohio such an incredible trail state.

 Bicycle Museum of America

Another great gem in the state of Ohio is the Bicycle Museum of America. Located in New Bremen, Ohio, the Bicycle Museum can be found right next to the Miami-Erie Canal Trail. With over 280 bikes on display and another 700 in storage (displayed on a rotating basis) you’ll probably find that nostalgic bicycle you remember from your childhood. With three floors of bicycle displays, the bicycle museum includes Schwinns, banana (seat) bikes, recumbents and bicycle memorabilia. They even have the famous Pee Wee Herman bike on display. Ohio would make a great vacation destination for bicyclists of all ages. With over 900 miles of bike trails, a bicycle museum and lots of friendly Ohioans, you may want to consider Ohio as a destination for your next epic bike tour.


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Feb 28

Weekly Trail Information Posts

Saturday Trail Posts

With all the big Trailsnet news coming out including the international trails information blog-post and the big surprise announcement coming out on March 14, it’s about time that we got a little more organized. So starting today, we’re going to try making at least one post per week on Saturday mornings. What do you think, are Saturdays mornings best, or should we publish these posts sometime on Fridays to help trail users prepare for the weekends? Our biggest readerships are, in the following order: Sundays, then Saturdays, then (surprise) Mondays, then Fridays. Readership falls off pretty steeply on Tuesdays through Thursdays.

Which Day Would You Prefer to Get Trail Information Updates?

What day do you think would be best to post trail information blog-posts and trail updates? Would you prefer Friday, Saturday or some other day? Please leave a comment below with your preferences and suggestions.

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Feb 21

Trailsnet Goes International

International Trails on Trailsnet

discover worldwide trails

Find trails worldwide!

Finally!! Trail lovers worldwide, rejoice. Now it is possible to add trails from anywhere in the world on Have a favorite river trail in France? No problem. How about a favorite historical trail in England? Add that baby. A trekking trail in New Zealand? We’d love to see it.

Adding Trails is Easy!!

To add a trail, just click on the Add A New Trail link above. If you’re already registered on the Trailsnet site, you can begin adding trail information right away. If you’re not registered, it’s super easy. All you need is your email address. Don’t worry; at Trailsnet, we never share your email with anyone and we never send Spam or sales emails. As you can see by the Trailsnet site, we’re not about selling stuff. We’re just about trails. So

if you’ve never entered trail information on Trailsnet, please help us build a network of international trails. When filling out the Add a New Trail form, some items are required and others are optional. Don’t worry if you aren’t positive about one of the required information fields. If you add a question mark beside the entry, I’ll be glad to do some research and make

Find trails throughout the world.

International Trails

corrections as needed. And if you have any troubles, please use the contact link above to get ahold of me so I can you help you resolve the issue. For more information about adding trail information, visit the Trailsnet How to Add Trails page.

More Important Trail News Forthcoming!!

As if the international trail news wasn’t enough, Trailsnet has another big announcement coming up within the next couple weeks. It’s another important milestone that I’ve been promising for the past year, and we’re almost there. So stay tuned to to find out what’s going on in the world of trails.

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