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The Coast Track

The Coast Track The Coast Track is the formidable trail of the Royal National Park. The Royal National Park has many walks and trails, though The Coast track takes the longest. This track can be enjoyed in sections at a time, though it is meant to be tackled as a one-way adventure. This track is the …

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The Kyoto Trail to Ohara

This trail offers a bit of everything – hill-climbing, mountain-top scenery, historical settlements, rural, religious icons – and is suitable for all levels of fitness and ages. Don’t rush this trail as you risk missing something special. It is very well signposted and maintained. Take food & drink with you and find a suitable spot …

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Bermuda Railway Trail

Bermuda Transportation: Trail vs Bus vs Ferry This railway trail is one of the best island trails in the world based on potential alone. Take a look at the trail pictures below, and you’ll get a small taste of what I’m talking about. I have ridden bike trails all over the world and don’t remember …

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Dos Cabezas Peak

A remote scrambling and bushwhacking hike through a dense forest of oak and walnut trees and top out at Dos Cabezas Peak. This sky island you will be hiking in is relatively small in stature but contains much biodiversity. There are other sky island archipelagoes in the world but the mountains of the Southwest may …

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The Kyoto Trail – Kiyotaki to Route-61

This segment of the Kyoto Trail has a bit of everything – river crossings, hill-climbs, secluded hamlets, Shinto shrines, history, great scenery. I commenced this hike at the J.R.Hozukyo Station, after a 20-minute train ride from Kyoto Station, then walked 2km to the trail proper. The forst 7km is along the banks of the Kiyotaki …

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The Kyoto Trail

There are two trails in ‘The Kyoto Trail’ and are both administered and maintained by the ‘Kyoto Alpine League’ and the ‘Kyoto Trail Association’. The first trail is a 70km (43-mile) part-circumnavigation of Kyoto City and the second, a 40km (24-mile) course around the settlement of Shuzan, about a 90-minute bus trip from Kyoto Station. …

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