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Sep 18

Pedego Electric Bike Review

electric bicycle by Pedego

Ped-e-Go Electric Bicycle What’s better than riding a premium electric bicycle? How about riding one that you designed from the tires on up? Pedego definitely fits into the category of premium electric bikes. And now, the folks at Pedego electric cycles are offering you the chance to build the electric bike of your dreams; and …

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Aug 10

Pon-e Electric Trikke Review

folded Trikke carving vehicle

Electric Trail Vehicle Information Trailsnet has been the leader in reviews of Personal Transportation Vehicles (PTVs) and specifically electric personal transportation vehicles. Of course, here on Trailsnet, we prefer to call them trail vehicles, but whatever you call them, they’re economical, environmentally friendly and lots of fun. Here’s a sampling of some of the electric …

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Aug 04

Could Marine Rules Work on Trails?

Electric Bikes Provide Added Trail Access A big thanks to Bob who recently sent in a very well-thought-out comment about the Trailsnet Should Electric Bikes Be Allowed on Trails post. Bob started out by making some astute observations about electric bikes allowing for more trail access for those of us whose bones, muscles & joints …

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Jun 12

And Dutch Bikes and PTVs

old fashioned cruiser bicycle

Promoting Car Free Lifestyle The motto of the And Dutch bicycle company is ” Who needs cars after all?” As you can imagine, that attracted my attention right from the start. Then I noticed the trendy and totally functional bicycles and accessories on the And Dutch website. Their main claim to fame seems to be …

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Dec 12

Electric Bikes on Trails

Electric Bicycles on Trails Are electric bicycles legal on trails? It’s a good question and one that varies greatly by country, state, & trail. Before we get into the electric bikes on trails debate, let’s start w/ an overview of the: Federal Electric Bicycle Regulations (not just for trails) an electrically driven bicycle is considered a …

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