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Jun 24

5 Great Hiking Trails Near Cypress, Texas

texas trails

Texas Hiking Trails Cypress, Texas and the greater Houston metropolitan area aren’t known for their abundance of fantastic hiking trails. That doesn’t mean Houston lacks hiking trails, however, it simply means you have to look a little bit harder to find them. To help you and your family get out of the house and into …

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Feb 20

ARK Trail in Mississippi

interpretive trail sign

Mississippi Nature Trail Today’s featured Trailsnet Trail is the Arkabutla Lake Education and Nature Center Trail in Mississippi. Just added this week, the ARK Trail falls into the “short but sweet” category. Located on a wildlife sanctuary just west of Hernando, MS. Although only two miles long, the trail and surrounding area features interpretive signs listing area …

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Jan 27

Trail Hiking Preparation Tips

Training Tips For Trail Hiking There are a million reasons to be a lover of the outdoors. The fresh air in the woods can feel invigorating after spending weeks trapped in the city. Hearing the birds sing in the branches and seeing the creepy crawlers rustle the leaves is another reason some people love trail …

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Jan 18

Trail Hiking & Backpacking Boost Creativity

Trails Versus Tech: Trails Win Recent research shows that backpackers scored 50% better on creativity tests after spending four days on the trail disconnected from electronic gadgets. WebMD article reveals that connecting to nature and disconnecting from electrical distractions provides a pretty significant boost in creative juices. Is there no end to the ways that …

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Nov 04

Cave Loop Trail part of Tent Rocks National Monument in New Mexico

Tent Rock Trails hikers on Cave Loop Trail The Tent Rock Trails, located between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico are actually two different trails combined to form one fantastic hiking trail. The Cave Loop Trail is 1.2 miles long and is a fairly easy trail for hikers of all abilities. The Canyon Trail is …

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Oct 24

England Trails Provide Scenery & History

Pier at Cromer Norfolk in England

Take to the Trail on Peddars Way and the Norfolk Coast Path! Weekend Walkers and Long-Distance Hikers Will Delight in these excellent long-distance British Trails. The mild countryside makes of excellent excursions on foot. Put another way, it’s a hikers’ dream!!  Peddars Way is the best-preserved Roman Road in Norfolk, which together with the Norfolk Coast Path forms …

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