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Colorado Trail Mountain Bike Group

Colorado Trail sign

This is where it all begins.

Colorado Trail Mountain Bike Group Forum

Hello fellow members of the Colorado Trail Mountain Bike Group. (We’re going to have to come up with a better name.) Hopefully we can use this forum to coordinate our efforts to reach our goal of completing all 28 segments of the Colorado Trail. The email messages have worked so far but can sometimes be inadequate for ongoing communication. Hopefully this forum will allow us to:

  • Post updates to the entire group.
  • Have the messages available to look at all in one place.
  • Create a calendar with scheduled events and rides.
  • Look at what we’ve already accomplished.

How to Use the CO Trail Mountain Bike Group Forum

  • Hover over the Trail Forum link on the top Trailsnet horizontal menu.
  • Hover over the Colorado Trail Mountain Bike Group link.
  • Another vertical menu will appear with choices.
  • Choose the appropriate Trail Forum web page.
  • Once on the correct page, feel free to add comments or suggestions using the Comments portion towards the bottom of each page.

So far, these are the Colorado Trail segments I’ve documented with descriptions, maps & trail photos:

If you’ve finished one of the segments and it’s not showing up yet, it’s because it hasn’t been added. You are welcome to add trails to the Trailsnet website; it’s a fairly easy process. Just click on the Add a New Trail button to get started.

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2016 CTMBG Organizational Meeting

Colorado Trail Mountain Bike Group Organizational Meeting It has been suggested that we have an organizational meeting in the late winter or early spring so that we can get together for socializing and organizing. No date or place has yet been proposed, but stay tuned for further details. If you are interested in leading a …

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Calendar for COTMBG

Calendar for Colorado Trail Mountain Bike Group

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