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2016 CTMBG Organizational Meeting

Colorado Trail Mountain Bike Group Organizational Meeting

hikers on trail

on the Colorado Trail

It has been suggested that we have an organizational meeting in the late winter or early spring so that we can get together for socializing and organizing. No date or place has yet been proposed, but stay tuned for further details. If you are interested in leading a segment ride or hike, come to the meeting with suggested dates & logistics. As we get further from the Denver metro area, we’ll probably start planning overnight trips that involve multiple segments.

It’s impossible for everyone to make every planned ride/hike, so we can also discuss alternative plans that will allow us all to complete each segment. If you have any suggestions for the group, please feel free to leave comments below. Those will appear in subsequent viewings of this web page and will be available for all members of the group to read and, if desired, to reply to.

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