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Amasa Back

trail in red rocks

trail on the rocks

This is the best short ride in the Moab Area. If you are arriving in Moab late in the afternoon and want to get in a quick ride, drive to the trailhead and do thisone.  The recommended route is to ride Amasa all the way up, going left at Jackson Junction and biking up to the slickrock ledge that provides a great lookout to the south. From there you can retrace the trail back to Jackson Junction and go north. At this point the trail is fluid and mostly flat, you are now on the west side of the Billboard (which is just a high rock wall that runs along most of the Amasa Back trail). After a mile or two you will reach a junction, going staight will take you on an out and back to Pothole Arch. When you return from the Pothole “Arch”, you’ll come back to the junction you went straight at and now you will go right, thus hopping onto the east side of the Billboard. This portion is called Rock Stack trail because it is mostly marked by stacks of rocks that are very useful guides. This section as highly difficult as there are numerous drops that are over 3 feet and is only rideable if you can do these extreme drops, other wise you will be lugging your bike a bit. The trail also has exposure as you are riding above the Colorado river and mostly following a ledge, though it is not a sheer drop but you would probably go rolling for quite awhile. a couple of miles in you’ll come to a turn off to the right that will take you back over to Amasa Back trail at Jackson Junction. If you go strait, staying on the Rock Stacker trail, you continue with more of the same drops and exposure all the way down to the Colorado river. The end of this loop comes out on Kane Creek road right near where the pavement ends (as apposed to doing Amasa Back as an out’n back where you would finish 2 miles or more up the dirt section of Kane Creek road).

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