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Colorado Trail – Segment 10

Segment 10 of the Colorado Trail

This portion of the Colorado Trail is best done from late June to early August although snow or hail is possible any time of year. As long as you have a water filter, you should not run short on water. The trail crosses numerous streams and follows beautiful mountain brooks in some places. This segment of the Colorado Trail winds through the Mount Massive Wilderness Area so mountain bikes are not allowed on it. It is however an equestrian trail, like most of the other segments of the Colorado Trail.

Elevation of Colorado Trail Segment 10

The high point for segment ten is a little over 11,200 feet with approximately approximate 1760 feet of elevation gain, so it is neither one of the hardest nor one of the easiest segment of this superb long-distance trail. Either way you travel on this segment is fine with neither being significantly more or less difficult. The southern trailhead is much busier since it is also the access point for climbing Mt. Massive, Colorado’s second highest peak. It is not uncommon for that parking lot to be full by 8:00 a.m. and nearly empty by 4:00 p.m. Durning the busy summer months, this is true for both weekends and weekdays.

Stream Crossings on CT Segment 10

As mentioned before, you will cross numerous streams on this segment. The larger ones have beautiful, sturdy bridges. Many of the smaller ones have nice stepping stones for crossing. However, if you get to one that seems difficult to cross, check a little ways upstream. Often there is a safe & dry alternative not far away. Try to keep your feet & socks dry to avoid blister.

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