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Daemonelix Trail

Nebraska Trails

You will find numerous trails in this scenic portion of Nebraska. The Daemonelix Trail (often misspelled Damonelix Trail, Daemonolix, Daemonelicks Trail Trail or Damonolix Trail) is a short yet extremely interesting trail with scenic viewpoints, ancient beaver fossils and plenty of Great Plains scenery. With beautiful buttes on one side and the Niobrara River Valley on the other, you will also be treated to a surprisingly diverse population of plants & animals.

The rocky outcrops in this area were formed from ancient sand dunes that have gradually eroded over time. Throughout the years, this area has been home to a wide variety of animals including a small ancient beaver that burrowed into the ground more like modern day groundhogs than typical beavers. It was this beaver burrowing behavior that led to the fossils of what is now called the Devil’s Corkscrew. Examples of these spiral dwellings can be seen along the trail protected by plexiglass windows that resemble phone booths.

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Suggested Lodging

For camping - Fort Robinson, near Crawford, Nebraska has a huge campground with both tent & RV campsites available. You will also find two rustic hotels in Crawford, NE: Townline Hotel: 800-903-1450 Hilltop Hotel: 800-504-1444

Suggested Dining

Both Harrison & Crawford have a couple dining options. The R Bar in Crawford serves pretty darned good pizza. In addition, Fort Robinson, NE has dining available during the tourist season only. (late spring into fall)

Suggested Bike Rental / Repair

none nearby - The nearest would probably be in Chadron, NE

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