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Devil’s Backbone Trails

Numerous Trails Available at Devil’s Backbone Open Space

Just outside of Loveland, Colorado, you will find ten different trails in the Devils Backbone Open Space. These trails include:

  • Blue Sky Trail
  • Coyote Ridge Trail
  • Hidden Valley Trail
  • Hunter Loop Trail
  • Indian Summer Trail
  • Inlet Bay Trail
  • Laughing Horse Loop Trail
  • Morrison Loop Trail
  • Rimrock Trail
  • Wild Loop Trail

Multiple Trail Activities

Nearly all trail activities are available in the Devils Backbone Trails area including:

  • mountain bike trails
  • hiking trails
  • equestrian trails
  • trail running trails
  • interpretive trails

No Hiking Trail

In all my years on the trails, I’ve never seen a trail that allowed mountain biking but banned hiking. The Hidden Valley Trail allows equestrians, mountain bikes & trail runners but doesn’t allow hikers. I’m an avid hiker and visited the Devils Backbone area for hiking, but I found it refreshing that the hiking shoe was on the other foot for this one short stretch of trail. So many trails ban bicyclists or equestrians, so it was nice to see a trail that catered to mountain bikers and horseback riders. If you’re a hiker, no worries. There are plenty of hiking trails in the Devil’s Backbone trail complex. In fact there is one that parallels the Hidden Valley Trail. But for a short stretch, hikers, bikers and equestrians are segregated to promote trail safety. 

Devil’s Backbone Trail Recommendations

If you are new to the Loveland Trails, I recommend that you visit Devils Backbone trails. The best time to visit these trails is spring, autumn, early morning or summer evenings. There is very little shade along the way, so summer afternoons can get hot. Slather on the sunscreen and carry lots of water. I visited on a midsummer Saturday and was surprised how uncrowded the area was. The trailhead parking lot only had a few cars and the trails were quite solitary. I saw a few other hikers and no mountain bicyclists. It was a great summer escape!!

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