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The Florida National Scenic Trail

The Florida National Scenic Trail is a congressionally designated National Scenic Trail. It is approximately 1,300-miles long and is intended to offer a continuous, permanent non-motorized recreation opportunity for hiking and other compatible activities. Over its length, it showcases the incredible biodiversity, history, and rich culture of Florida.
The Florida Trail begins on the edge of the everglades ecosystem in Big Cypress National Preserve. Over a thousand miles farther north, it’s end point lies in the white sands of Gulf Islands National Seashore at historic Fort Pickens. The Florida Trail is one of 11 National Scenic Trails and offers many experiences that hikers cannot have on any other trail in the world.
Together with our partners, Florida Trail Association and the USDA Forest Service build, maintain, protect, and promote the Florida Trail. Our guiding document in management is the Comprehensive Plan, which provides guidelines for planning, development, management, and protection of the Florida National Scenic Trail.
The Florida Trail is far from complete. Gaps exist where users must hike along roads and much of the trail is not permanently protected from urban encroachment, loss of access, and illegal use. Other sections of the Florida Trail are in an “interim routing stage” until a more scenic and suitable option can be found. The Florida Trail makes use of multiple State Trails as it winds its way north. FTA partners with over 23 different land management agencies, as well as private landowners, and other organizations over the trail’s length to manage and protect the trail.
Recognizing the rapid urbanization of Florida and the loss of our state’s natural areas, Florida Trail Association is committed to building, protecting, and preserving the Florida Trail as a scenic hiking trail which showcases the diversity of Florida’s ecosystems wherever possible. There are however many sections of the Florida Trail that are well developed, have modern facilities, and can accommodate a broader range of users including children, bicyclists, and people with accessibility needs. Florida Trail Association supports and encourages all people to get outdoors and recreate responsibly on the Florida Trail.

Trail Map,26.6815,-78.7192,29.8689

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