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Horsethief Bench Loop

This ride follows Mary’s Loop for about half of the trail route. It isn excellent loop trail.

From the parking area, ascend to the ridge up a well improved road to the south. As you continue on this road, pass the More Fun cutoff at mile 0.3 and continue to the Marys cutoff at mile 0.6. If you reach the fence, you went too far return a short distance. Mary’s ascends up a rough doubletrack to the southwest. Just after you cross a small cattle guard at mile 2.0 you will see the descent onto Horsethief Bench. Turn left off Mary’s to the descent. For almost all riders, this is a mandatory portage. When you reach the bottom the trail forks.

The ride is good in either direction. This description takes a clockwise (left) route. The well marked trail circles the bench. There is another short portage at mile 3.7. The trail will return to the area where you took the fork. Climb up the steep hill and regain Mary’s Loop trail at mile 5.8. Turn right and return the way you came to the parking area at mile 7.8.  You may choose to continue on Mary’s Loop after Horsethief Bench. To do this just take a left at the top of the ascending portage at mile 5.8. This adds a lot more distance to the ride, but makes a nice 3-4 hour ride.

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