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Ikoma-sanke Hiking Course near Osaka City

  The trail is a mixture of different surfaces – sealed and unsealed – and, once you have completed the initial climb to the ridge-line, the track then undulates. 

As you can see in my attached links, the 39km track is next-to-improbable to complete in one day, unless you attempt it about the longest day of the year and are very fit. So, like I did, I did it in two parts. Also included, in the links, is a short hike on one of the other 23-courses.

As mentioned in my summary, the track is well signposted in most parts Ikoma-sanke Hiking Course but, towards the end (for whatever reason) the signs become scarce. But, if you don’t mind taking risks, follow-your-nose and you will reach your goal.

The tracks are well maintained and, in most parts, well signposted with facilities, like toilets, benches and vending-machines dotted throughout.

The views, in some places, are nothing short of spectacular – to the West the sprawling city of Osaka and,on the opposite,the rolling hills and countryside of Nara Prefecture.

As the transport system in Japan is second-to-none, getting to and from the area, is a piece-of-cake. You just have to know what train line to catch, and what station to alight at or join.


Trail Map

The following map URLs are from my "Cateye Inou" device; the clickable version of them is in the sidebar to the right: Tsuda to Shijonawate - Shijonawate to Sango (part-1) - Shijonawate to Sango (part-2) - Shijonawate to Ishikiri -


Suggested Lodging

Accommodation? Well, as you are so close to the cities of Osaka and Nara, and Kyoto for that matter, you are just a stones-throw away from the course. There is a campground in the final third of the course - (my apologies if the page appears in Japanese).

Suggested Dining

In Japan, about every second building is a dining establishment so you are never far from somewhere to dine. I would suggest though that you bring adequate food and drink with you on your hike.

Suggested Bike Rental / Repair

As cycling on the track is forbidden, I won't include any information.

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