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Kootenai River Trail

It is my understanding that this trail has been greatly improved since I took this picture last year. I’m told they’ve raised the surface in water-prone areas, added gravel, and put culverts under the trail at some of the creek crossings.

Even so, this trail is best for hiking, but a mountain bike would easily negotiate most of the trail. I wouldn’t recommend a road bike or recumbent for this one.The trail follows the blue-gray glacial waters of the Kootenai River and is a prime trail for viewing critters. Deer, bear, mountain lion, and mountain goats frequent the trail. One of my favorite parts of the trail is the old apple orchard reputed to have been planted by early residents who homesteaded the area. The trees are still quite productive, but you have to get there early to beat the deer and bears to the bountiful harvest.

It is possible to take this trail all the way to Kootenai Falls and the famed Swinging Bridge.” However, the last part of the trail once you get near the falls may not be appropriate for bicycling. It gets a bit dicey above the falls and if you do take your bike that far, you may need to walk it or even pack it. You will definitely need to walk/pack your bike over the swinging bridge. If you do that, you could make a nice loop ride back into Libby.

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Bad Medicine Bike Shop, 1000 hwy 37, Libby, Montana, 59923
(406) 291-4075

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