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Light To Light Walk

The Light to Light walk stays true to its name. Typically starting from Ben Boyds Tower and finishing at Green Cape Lighthouse, it is a one-way track. There is a wide diversity of flora and fauna species to be seen with beachside camping along the way.

The walk could take 2 – 3 days depending on breaks and activities along the way. It is essentially a great walk for those that have yet to do an overnight hike.

About The Light To Light Track

The difficulty is somewhat moderate, though the track is well-marked with possible natural obstacles like fallen branches. Certain parts of the track can be rugged or have a steep gradient. Though – no previous bushwalking experience is required.

There is 3 car parks along the walk, one at the beginning near Boyds Tower, one at the finish at Green Cape lighthouse and one at the halfway point at Mowarry Bay. Hikers can choose sections from numerous points along the way. But a national park-use fee applies for all.

The walk is best done with a small group.

Notable Attractions

Boyds Tower – The first attraction and starting point, Boyds Tower was originally designed to be a private lighthouse, but proposals were refused. Only the ground floor is available to public.

Red Sands Bay – This small bay has gorgeous fine red gravel that simply makes it photogenic on sunny days.

Leather Jacket Bay – A small pocket sandy beach, it serves as a great stopping point to take a break and relax.

Mowarry Lookout – An uninterrupted view of the coastline of Ben Boyds National park from both sides, the lookout is also the halfway point of the track, with plenty of picnic areas nearby.

Red Cliffs – As the name depicts, these gorgeous red coastal cliffs have a unique rock formation that serves as a great vantage point for views and also bays.

Saltwater Creek Beach – A beautiful white sandy beach, perfect as a resting point and for swimming.

Bittangabee Bay Beach – Also a great spot to go for a dip, there is a campground and picnic areas nearby. This would be the ideal second night if the walk is getting a bit late or as a great rest area.

Pulpit Rock – A large rock platform that is popular for rock fishing, it is a great vantage point to immerse in the coastal views.

Ly-ee-moon Graveyard – The graveyard is home to those who have lost their lives from a horrific ship accident many years ago – where 71 people died.

Green Cape Lighthouse – standing 29 metres, the lighthouse is open to the public only via daily tours. Though the surrounding grounds have great lookout points of the lighthouse and of the sea. Green Cape offers one of the best vantage points to see whales migrating.

Other Trail Notes

Unfortunately, since it is not within a service area, and a one-way track – car shuffling or a return trip is the only way back to either starting points.

There is a fee you can pay for a ranger to drive you from the end of the walk to the starting point.

There will be sights of seals, dolphins, and seabirds all year around with possible sights of whales migrating in the colder months. Though during this time it is the busiest.

Trail Map

Suggested Lodging

Saltwater Creek Campsite - For Campgrounds, it must be booked in advance. Bittangabee Bay Beach Campground - For Campgrounds, it must be booked in advance. Green Cape Lighthouse Cottages - Great cottage near the end of the walk to unwind and take in the sights.

Suggested Dining

Sprout Eden Cafe
134 Imlay Street
Eden 2551

Wharfside Cafe
3/253 Imlay St,
Eden 2551

Eden Fish & Chips
160 Imlay St,
Eden 2551

Hooked On Seafood
253 Imlay St
Eden 2551

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