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Peaks to Plains Trail – Clear Creek Segment

Clear Creek Trail Segment

Although the Clear Creek segment of the Peaks to Plains Trail is currently only about two miles long, this segment should soon be four miles long. It is a beautifully designed concrete trail that runs right beside Clear Creek and parallel to Highway 6 that runs from Golden, Colorado up to the mountains of Colorado. As you drive west along Highway 6, you will not believe that they are building a trail along this narrow canyon. In many places, you’ll notice that sheer rock walls plummet down into the raging creek. Once you actually start hiking or biking the trail, you will marvel at the dedication and engineering required to build this trail. Most of the funding for the trail was provided by grants from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and Great Outdoors Colorado (GoCO – lottery).

Peaks to Plains Trail

Signage for this trail cleverly calls it the Peaks2Plains Trail or P2P Trail. However you spell it, it is an admirable and honorable undertaking. Eventually the Peaks to Plains Trail will include 65 miles of off-road trail for bicyclists, hikers and other qualified off-roaders. It will run from the Continental Divide near Eisenhower Tunnel (I-70) all the way to the Platte River Trail in Adams County, Colorado.The Clear Creek Trail from Golden to the Platte River Trail is already completed. Some segments of the Peaks2Plains Trail along I-70 are also completed. For more information about the Peaks to Plains Trail, please click on the link in the right hand column.

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