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St. Vrain Greenway Trail

St. Vrain Greenway Trail is a great venue for nearly all personal transportation vehicles and has plenty of fun distractions along its course.

St. Vrain Greenway trail sign

Enjoy the greenway!

The best place to start your sojourn is at the Sandstone Ranch east of Longmont just off highway 119 near the intersection of Fairvew Street. If you want to use an alternative vehicle such as a Trikke or walk a dog, your best bet is to start at the Weld County Road 1 trailhead about a mile west of the Sandstone Ranch trailhead. Dogs are not allowed east of that trailhead for wildlife purposes and the Sandstone Ranch Trailhead parking is located a ways away from the trail making access for vehicles with small wheels a bit difficult.

Once you’re on the trail, you will begin to notice how smooth it is and how many side trails are available for exploratory jaunts. In fact, you’ll want to pay close attention to where you’re going and maybe even have the map (below) as a reference to help you stay on the trail. You’ll also begin to notice lots of great stopping places including restaurants, The Cheese Importer, and Left Hand Brewery not to mention many ponds, parks, and open spaces. Although it is a 16 mile out and back ride, you won’t lack for entertainment opportunities along the way. As long as you’re on the trail during business hours, you don’t need to pack a lunch because of the many snacking options near the trail.

Trail Map

Suggested Lodging

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  1. Steven Wilner

    Question #1: When will the bridge connecting Rogers Grove to the Greenway Trail be replaced?

    Question #2: When will he underpass under Main Street be repaired?

    Question #3: When will the trail be completely reopened from Golden Ponds to the Sandstone Ranch?

  2. trailsnet

    Thanks for the great questions Steven. I’m a huge fan of the St. Vrain Greenway and would also appreciate an update on trail progress and conditions. Anyone out there know the answers?

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