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The Coast Track

The Coast Track

The Coast Track is the formidable trail of the Royal National Park. The Royal National Park has many walks and trails, though The Coast track takes the longest. This track can be enjoyed in sections at a time, though it is meant to be tackled as a one-way adventure. This track is the ultimate warm-up and test that is close to Sydney before hitting trails that are well above 50 miles.

This walk snakes along the South East Coastline of Australia. The views are amazing and is nothing short of a coastal walk. There are breathtaking views of the sea and of the forest with possible sightings of wildlife. Adventurers can be right at the cliff edge of Australia, so take caution.

Notable Points

Marley Beach – Marley Beach is a nice and quite secluded beach. It is a great swimming spot, though take care as there are no lifeguards on patrol here.

Little Marley Beach – A short walk from Marley Beach, there is Little Marley Beach. Alike Marley Beach, it can also be a great swimming spot but be cautious.

Wattamolla – A popular iconic destination of The Royal National Park is Wattamolla. Known for its swimming hole and lagoon it is a lovely place to go for a swim. There are nice picnic spots and smaller trails around. On weekends, this spot gets quite busy. You will also see many swimmers jumping from the rocky platforms and into the water. There are toilets and kiosk available here as well.

Curracurrang Cove – Following the Coastline and staying to the left, you will end up at Curracurrang Cove. It is a nice scenic place to stop and relax.

Eagle Rock Lookout – Here you can see a natural rock formation of what appears to look like an Eagle’s head.

Garie Beach – This is roughly the halfway point of the track. Popular for surfing, this beach may be patrolled during Dec – Jan. There are facilities available here, including showers, toilets and kiosk.

North Era – North Era is a campground that is popular among surfers. There is a total of 12 sites here. Camping permit is required beforehand.

Burning Palm Beach – Another quiet beautiful quiet beach just a short walk from Garie Beach.

Figure 8 Pools – Follow along the coast and veer left, following a sign saying ‘Otford via Palm Jungle’. Along this track you can also take a detour to the left, this takes you to the Figure 8 Pools. These are coastal rock shelf with natural pools. Though, avoid this area when there mid – high tide, recently there have been a lot of injuries.

Otford Lookout – Continue on the trail and you will pass Werrong Beach. This would soon take you to the final destination, up some stairs and onto the lookout. You can now stop and relax as the train station is just another 20 minutes away.

Other notes

– If travelling from Winter there may be possible sightings of whales migrating
– Wedding Cake Rock was a popular landmark along the way, though now it has been fenced off.
– Unfortunately, no pets.

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Suggested Lodging

There are a few B&B, hotels, motels and hostel options in Bundeena and the surrounds. North Era Camp Grounds 13000 72757

Suggested Dining

There a few cafe's and restaurants at Bundeena and Otford. Other than that the only other means is a kiosk at Wattamolla & Garie Beach.

Paul's Hamburgers at Bundeena

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