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The Kyoto Trail

There are two trails in ‘The Kyoto Trail’ and are both administered and maintained by the ‘Kyoto Alpine League’ and the ‘Kyoto Trail Association’. The first trail is a 70km (43-mile) part-circumnavigation of Kyoto City and the second, a 40km (24-mile) course around the settlement of Shuzan, about a 90-minute bus trip from Kyoto Station.
The trail is very well signposted and maintained. There are five maps – four for Kyoto and one for the Shuzan Trail – which show the location of the numbered posts (view attached images) and sights in that area. The maps and signs are also in English. Because the maps are very descriptive, you can choose which track and what direction you want to do.
Each of the four Kyoto Trails offer something different, ranging from local history, nature, rural, mountain, river, whatever. Because the transportation system in Japan is second-to-none, transport is no problem. You can get to-and-from your start/finish point without worrying about transport.
In the coming weeks I shall post segments of the trails I plan to complete. Not necessary according to the maps directions.

Trail Map

There are five maps available for this trail, four for the Kyoto and one for the Shuzan Trail. The maps are very well composed and are in English. At each junction there is a numbered sign giving you directions from that point. Also along the way are notice-boards, with maps, detailing highlights withing your vicinity, also in English. These are available from most bookshops. If you check the link of the Kyoto Trail, there is a detailed description of the courses.


Suggested Lodging

Suggested Dining

Just about every second shop is an eatery, whether a typical Japanese establishment, western food or the good old combination store, you are never far from somewhere that sells food. When on the trail though, I suggest you pack some food and drink to take with you.

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