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White Ranch Park

White Ranch Park offers some of the best biking on the Front Range, with views of the plains, smooth trail surfaces, steeps and low-gear climbs.  The Park hosts over 19 miles of networked trails. These trails come in a variety of forms, from single track to double track. Much of the park has dry dusty conditions which can reduce traction/control for bikers. Although a few of the longer trails are steep from beginning to end, there are options to reduce inclines if you use the Upper Parking Lots. If its early in the season, it is recommend to start from the upper parking lots and have another car parked at the lower parking lot.

If starting from the lower lot, climb the wide single-track Belcher Hill Trail (across from the upper parking lot) up a ridge to the Mustang Trail (0.3 mile).  Take this trail, which quickly narrows and drops southward over numerous waterbars and steps. As the trail heads east, the downhill grade lessens, providing a swift drop back to the Belcher Hill Trail (2.5).  Turn left on the wide Belcher Trail and climb to the Maverick Trail (3.0), finding the single-track, and turn right (3.9). This winds its way to the Longhorn Trail, where you turn left and climb to the Rawhide Trail (4.3). Veer left and pedal the last few tenths to the lower parking area (4.6).  Follow the Rawhide Trail the entire way around the northern half of the park as it becomes double-track from the lower parking area to the Sourdough Springs Equestrian Camp (6.2).  Single-track completes the ride back to the lower parking area (9.1), with a couple of nasty steep climbs and descents along the way.

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