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Trail Gear Reviews

Trailsnet Trail Gear Reviews

Looking for trail gear but only want to purchase the best? Check out our trail product reviews on Trailsnet for a preview of the best trail food, trail vehicles, trail tours & trail gear.

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bike bag

BeetleBag Bike Bag

Bike Bag & Day Pack In One How many times have you gone on a bike ride and wanted to go on a side hike? Where do you put your water, snacks & other stuff? Beetlebag has solved your problem. They have created an ingenious bike bag that doubles as a daypack. So you can use it …

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C2 Performance Tights

Stay Warm on the Trail This Spring Activewear C2 Tights It’s that time of year. At the beginning of your ride, hike or run, it’s freezing cold, and you want to bundle up to stay warm. But half-way into your activity, you’re becoming overheated and uncomfortable. Should you wear shorts and a t-shirt or full-length …

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Crosskix Footwear

Crosskix Granite 2.0 Footwear for Trail Versatility Crosskix 2.0 on the Trail First off, Crosskix was not created specifically as a trail shoe, but after thoroughly reviewing the Crosskix 2.0 lightweight sporty Foamposite footwear, I can tell you that you may add them to your list of must-haves on your hiking, biking and backpacking lists. Let’s start by taking …

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Pannier Backpack Convertible

Two Wheel Gear Pannier Backpack Convertible

Pannier Backpack Convertible by Two Wheel Gear The folks at Two Wheel Gear have made my job easy. After spending a half hour with their Pannier Backpack Convertible I was blown away by all its amazing features. This awesome product speaks for itself. It is incredibly useful and incredibly well built. I wish I had a pannier like …

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