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BeetleBag Bike Bag

bike bag

Bike Bag & Day Pack In One

How many times have you gone on a bike ride and wanted to go on a side hike? Where do you put your water, snacks & other stuff? Beetlebag has solved your problem. They have created an ingenious bike bag that doubles as a daypack. So you can use it to store your normal bicycle paraphernalia while riding, then carry it with you for side trips. It’s great for packing trail essentials, but it’s also nice for safety and security. With a normal bike bag, you risk getting your stuff ripped off if you leave it on your bike. But with the Beetlebag, despite sage wisdom to the contrary, you CAN take it with you when you go. (Note to Beetlebag marketers: That would make a great tagline.)  (-:

Attaching Beetlebag to Your Bike


The Beetlebag attaches easily to your bike using their three secure mechanisms:

  1. Drape the Beetlebag over the crossbar of your bicycle.
  2. Snap the rear strap to hold the rear portion of the Beetlebag.
  3. Snap the front strap to hold the front portion of the Beetlebag.
  4. Loop the velcro straps around your front handlebar mount to hold the Beetlebag securely in place.

Now you’re ready to hit the trail on your way to the store, the beach, the mountains or wherever your legs want to pedal you.


Using the Beetlebag as a Daypack

To convert the Beetlebag from a bike bag to a daypack is simple. Just reverse the steps listed above to remove the Beetlebag from your bike. It only takes a couple seconds. Next, unzip the two zippers on the bottom side of the bag. This allows you to pull out the shoulder straps. Now put your arms through these straps so that the Beetlebag rests on your back. Adjust the straps to suit your needs and comfort level. And that’s it. You now have a daypack for your next adventure, and you have no worries about leaving valuables behind on your bike. Be sure to lock your bike to something secure. (With the bike lock you had stored in your Beetlebag of course.)

Suggestions for Using Beetlebag on the Trail

Beetlebag makes a great addition to your biking gear and can be used in nearly all trail conditions. It would be ideal for rail trails, urban trails and mild-to-moderate mountain biking trails. It may not be perfect for extremely rigorous mountain biking conditions, but I haven’t tested out that theory yet. As far as what types of bikes, the Beetlebag should be fine for road bikes, trail bikes, mountain bikes, cruisers, hybrids and electric bikes. One of my favorite features of the Beetlebag is the bottle-holder in the middle of the pack (on top when mounted on a bicycle cross-bar) for easy access to your water supply. Beetlebag comes in four different colors and is easy to use and to mount on your bike. Visit the Beetlebag website if you’re interested in purchasing a Beetlebag of your very own.



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