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Crosskix Footwear

Crosskix Granite 2.0 Footwear for Trail Versatility

Crosskix 2.0 on the Trail

Crosskix 2.0 on the Trail

First off, Crosskix was not created specifically as a trail shoe, but after thoroughly reviewing the Crosskix 2.0 lightweight sporty Foamposite footwear, I can tell you that you may add them to your list of must-haves on your hiking, biking and backpacking lists. Let’s start by taking a quick look at the positive features of the Crosskix footwear:

  • They are extremely lightweight.
  • They are fully submersible in water without affecting their performance, fit or functionality.
  • They are reasonably priced.
  • They pack easily in your backpack, duffle bag or suitcase.
  • They are comfortable after a hard day on your feet.
    Walking the Dog w/ Crosskix 2.0

    Walking the Dog w/ Crosskix

Crosskix: The Perfect Outdoor Footwear

Crosskix are incredibly durable and versatile. Let’s check out at all the potential uses for Crosskix footwear. You’ll see that they are good for both trail activities & for everyday home uses. You can wear Crosskix for:

  • On the trail – Crosskix are great for short hikes, strolls & walks.
  • Walking the dog – They’re especially great for those times when you’re in a hurry & need something you can quickly slip on & head out the door.
  • Apres trail – Crosskix are wonderful for relaxing after a long hike.
  • Lounging around the house, tent or camper – After a hard day in the great outdoors, Crosskix are lightweight & comfy for hanging around camp.
    Crosskix 2.0 Fording a Stream

    Crosskix 2.0 Fording a Stream

  • Water activities – Since Crosskix are designed to be submersible, they make a perfect shoe for fun in the creek, lake or river.

Crosskix on the Trail

Let’s take a look at some specific activities and see how Crosskix can be of benefit:

  • Backpacking – You probably won’t wear Crosskix on the trail with a heavy backpack; but Crosskix footwear is absolutely fantastic as a creek fording shoe and as campsite footwear. When you come to a stream, you’ve normally got two choices: Go barefoot & risk falling in the stream or wearing your hiking shoes & getting them (& your socks) wet. A better choice is to remove your hiking shoes and put on a pair of Crosskix while crossing the stream. And once you get to camp, it feels great to take off your stinky, sweaty hiking boots and put on a lightweight pair of Crosskix.
    Crosskix 2.0 in the Water

    Crosskix 2.0 in the Water

  • Trail biking – After a long ride, it’s traditional for bicyclists to either gather in the parking lot for beverages or visit a local watering hole for food & braggadocio. Get out of your uncomfortable biking shoes and throw on a pair of Crosskix. You’ll be the envy of your gathering.
  • Dayhiking – Throw a pair of Crosskix into your daypack or hydration pack. They make a great back-up shoe, water shoe or relaxation footwear. It’s like wearing slippers in the great outdoors… comfy, lightweight and water submersible.

I love the look, comfort, price, durability and versatility of Crosskix Footwear. I can only think of one minor change that I would make if I had my druthers. I’d love to see just a bit more arch support. Other than that, I think Crosskix are about to take the outdoor footwear world by storm. I feel completely confident to recommend Crosskix for outdoor enthusiasts and trail-loving folks worldwide!!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Crosskix Granite 2.0 for free from Cosskix footwear in consideration for a gear review.

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