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Hebb eBikes

Hebb Electric Bikes

electric bicycle by Hebb

Hebb eBike step-through

If you haven’t heard of Hebb eBikes yet, you’re about to become acquainted with one of the top electric bicycles on the market. Bill Hebb first discovered electric bikes on his business trips to China. So he decided to build and market an ebike of his own. It is obvious from the quality of Hebb bikes that Bill takes great pride in the bicycles he produces and sells.

Hebb Electric Cycle Models

Hebb electric bikes are built, from the ground up, to be an electric vehicle. Every part on the Hebb cycles is of the highest quality from the wheels right up to the handlebars. The battery and motor on the Hebb eBike are also top notch. Hebb currently produces two models of electric bikes. One of them is a diamond frame ebike and the other is a step-through ebike. If that means nothing to you, think of the old (and definitely inaccurate) classifications of boys bike and girls bike. A step-through bike used to be referred to as a “girls’ bike.” As I’m sure many of you have realized, that old system of classifying bikes made absolutely no sense considering some of the anatomical differences between the genders. The old classifications were probably devised due to old-fashioned dress codes of females wearing dresses. Since very few people wear dresses when riding bikes these days, those old customs are now rendered obsolete. Having said that, I highly recommend the step-through bike for either gender. It makes getting on and off the bicycle much easier.

author riding a Hebb electric bicycle near Platte River Trail in Denver, Colorado

author on Hebb electric bike

SmallPlanet eVehicles

I was first introduced to the Hebb eBike at SmallPlanet eVehicles in Longmont, Colorado. Tom, the owner of SmallPlanet spoke quite highly of the Hebb electric bicycle. A  couple days later, while meeting with a group of electric vehicle enthusiasts on the Platte River Trail in Denver, Colorado, I had the chance to ride a Hebb. I was immediately impressed by both the looks and feel of the bike. Anybody who has not ridden an electric bike in a few years needs to give the Hebb bikes a try. In general, the electric bike technology has come a long way in the last decade and some manufacturers, like Hebb, have done an especially nice job of utilizing modern battery and electric motor technology. The Hebb electric cycles ride smoothly, quietly and, when needed, quickly. I would agree with Bill Hebb’s analysis that electric motors and batteries will continue to evolve and improve; but for now, electric bikes such as the Hebb are head and shoulders above the previous generation of electric bikes.

Best for use on: Concrete & paved trails or roads, Gravel trails, Level to moderate trails

Best used for: Commuting, Recreation, Short excursions, Daily chores

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