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Pon-e Electric Trikkes

Electric Trail Vehicle Information

Trailsnet has been the leader in reviews of Personal Transportation Vehicles (PTVs) and specifically electric personal transportation vehicles. Of course, here on Trailsnet, we prefer to call them trail vehicles, but whatever you call them, they’re economical, environmentally friendly and lots of fun. Here’s a sampling of some of the electric vehicle information provided by Trailsnet:

Trikke rider on boulder creek path

Trikke T-12 body- powered carving vehicle

But what if you want to Stand Up and Ride your electric vehicle? There’s an app for that! Better yet, there’s a Trikke for that. In a previous post, I reviewed the Trikke carving vehicle, a self-propelled, cambered carving vehicle that provides great exercise, mobility and recreation. But now, Trikke electric vehicles such as the Pon-e provide a whole new range of mobility for Trikke users.

Trikke Electric Pon-e Review

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Trikke Corporation, a brief introduction is in order. The Trikke is a three

electric three wheeled personal transportation vehicle on boulder creek path

Electric Trikke Pon-e

wheeled, cambered carving vehicle that is propelled using a rhythmic body motion. Since it has three wheels, it is quite stable. Since it is cambered, it screams around corners and down hills. Since riders utilize their entire body to power the Trikke, it provides a great full-body workout. Since it has fairly small tires, it is best to be ridden on asphalt or cement surfaces. The beauty behind the Trikke electric vehicles is they are equally as much fun as the regular Trikkes, but even more versatile. One of the best characteristics of a Trikke is that you stand up to operate it. This allows you a clear line-of-sight and is also a comfortable way to get around. On the Electric Trikkes, you can get as much or as little exercise as you like depending on how much you assist the motor with your own carving motions.

Whether you call it Trikke Pon-e, Trikke Tribred or Trikke EV, you’ll never call it boring. All Trikkes let you stand up, above the crowd and enjoy an unparalleled ride. With numerous electric vehicles on the market, why would you choose a Trikke EV? Here are some of the most compelling reasons:

folded Trikke carving vehicle

folded Trikke

  • uniqueness – Trikkes are unlike any other personal transportation vehicles (PTVs) out there.
  • portability – Because they can easily be folded up, Trikkes are easy to store and easy to transport.
  • exercise – Unlike most other PTVs, Trikkes (both electric and body-powered) provide a full-body workout.
  • ease of use – Since they have a stable three-wheel base of support, Trikke Electrics are simple to get started on and have a quick learning curve.
  • ergonomically friendly – As long as you can stand up, you can ride a Trikke. You don’t have to worry about being hunched over handlebars, chafing your posterior on a seat or craning your neck to see in front of you.
  • Simple to maintain – Since there are no chains, sprockets or derailleurs, your hands stay clean and your maintenance woes are greatly reduced.
Visit the “Trikke vs. bike” page on the Trikke website for more information about the benefits of riding a Trikke or Trikke EV. You can expect to see the electric Trikkes popping up more and more on golf courses, roads, on security/police forces and parked in front of your local coffee shop. But best of all, you will begin to see Trikkes and Pon-e Trikkes more often on a trail near you; because Trikkes and trails were meant for each other. It’s a match made in heaven.

Best for use on: Paved trails or roads,  Level to moderate trails

Best used for: Commuting, Recreation, Adventure sports, Exercise & Short excursions

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