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StrideRide by StrideCore

StrideRide elliptical bike on autumn trail

StrideRide by StrideCore

Outdoor Gymnasium

Imagine taking your stair-stepper or elliptical outside on the trail with you. With the StrideRide by StrideCore, you get all the benefits of a stationary elliptical machine with the beautiful sunshine, fresh air and scenery of a trail.You are no longer religated to stinky gyms, boring views or painful runs. With a StrideRide, a whole new world of cardio exercise is available in the great outdoors.

What is the StrideRide?

The StrideRide is a standup exercise vehicle that can be used outdoors or mounted on a stand to be used indoors. It is like a cross between a bicycle, an elliptical and a stair stepper. It can be ridden on the roads or, preferably, on paved paths or cement trails. It is a great alternative to trail running or biking. Or better yet, it is can be used as part of a balanced cross-training program that combines running, cycling and elliptical exercise.

Full Body, Low Impact Workout

Trail running can be a lot of fun and a pretty decent workout. But it is also a lot of bone-jarring impact on your body. The constant pounding of daily running can really cause damage to your feet, knees and even your back. Bicycling is less impact, but often requires riders to spend a long time hunched over handlebars and perched on an uncomfortable seat. The StrideRide, on the other hand, provides a vigorous, standup workout without all the posture and impact problems.

StrideRide Suggestions

Like any new personal transportation vehicle, the StrideRide starts out with a brief learning curve. At first, you may be a little shaky on the startup. Don’t worry; you’ll be riding free and easy in just a few moments. Let me share a couple tips for getting started. My favorite way to get started on the StrideRide is by beginning on a slight incline. In most cases, a driveway is perfect for this because they are usually sloped away from the house for drainage purposes. Another good starting technique is the “push-off.” This method involves setting one foot on the Stride Ride platform/pedal and pushing yourself forward with the other foot. Either method requires the rider to straddle the StrideRide to begin the process. Don’t worry, though. If you can balance on a bike, you can easily and quickly learn to ride a StrideRide. Within minutes, you’ll be riding like a champ.

StrideRide Videos

If you’ve never seen or ridden a StrideRide, the best way for you to understand it is to watch some of the helpful videos provided by the company. So here’s a list of links to assist you in learning more about the StrideRide:

StrideRide on Trails

As with most personal transportation vehicles, the StrideRide is best used on trails or the shoulder of roads with light traffic. Below is a summary of the best places for enjoying a StrideRide and a bonus video of the StrideRide being used on a gravel path. StrideRide is a fantastic exercise machine and provides one of the most enjoyable workouts you’ll ever experience.

Best used for: Exercise, Short excursions

Best for use on: Concrete & paved trails or roads, hard-packed gravel trails, Level to moderate trails


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