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Trikke Carving Vehicles

trikke carving vehicle

Trikke Carving Vehicle


Trikke carving vehicles (Trikkes) are the brain-child of Gildo Bileski and may be the ultimate full-body workout for trail lovers. Trikkes are powered by a combination of leg, hip and arm power and are usually seen swaying down the trail in a back-and-forth motion like a trout swimming upstream. The tri- in Trikke stands for the number three and that number is very important. Trikkes have three wheels, three extensions, and are accelerated in three stages. The first stage uses mostly the brute force of your arms, the second stage incorporates more of the entire body and the third stages adds rhythm and momentum into the process. There are even three cardinal rules for operating a Trikke: 1.) Know your terrain. (trails baby) 2.) Rhythm is king. 3.) Protect your momentum.

Trikkes can either be purchased online or from a certified local Trikke dealer. Whenever possible, it is best to purchase your Trikke from a certified dealer and/or, better yet, a certified Trikke Trainer. Trikkes are an absolute blast for riding on trails, but there’s a bit of a learning curve when you first start to use them. It is best to have a certified Trikke trainer show you the proper way to operate a Trikke for maximum fun, safety and efficiency.

Visit the Trikke website to get an idea of the different models of Trikke available. In addition to the various sizes and colors of the regular Trikkes, you also have the option of purchasing a hybrid Trikke that can be electrically powered in addition to body powered. Of course you should be familiar with the rules of your local trails in regards to  riding a hybrid Trikke (Pon-e). For a list of Trikke trails, check out the links in the next section (below).

Trikke Tech Inc. the world leader in 3-point vehicles. Sold internationally Trikke Trails

Trikkes can easily be used on roads or on trails. But, due to the side-to-side motion needed for propelling them, trails provide the safest option for recreational Trikking. The best Trikke trails are usually asphalt trails or concrete trails and often have a gentle grade of less than 2%.  Rail-trails often make the best Trikking trails. Some examples of excellent Trikke trails include Georgia’s Silver Comet Trail, Virginia’s Mount Vernon Trail, Colorado’s Platte River Trail and California’s Huntington Beach Trail.

Best for use on: Concrete & paved trails or roads, Level to moderate trails

Best used for: Commuting, Recreation, Adventure sports, Exercise, Short excursions, Daily chores

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