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Electric bikes may also include other electric PTVs including electric stand-up vehicles such as the Trikke Pon-e electric.

Tauern Cycle Path: Krimml to Mittersill

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Rock Creek to Coal Creek Trail

This trail can be accessed from the US 36 Bikeway that services Boulder and Denver, CO. It is mostly flat except a short, fairly rigorous climb near the Aquarius Trailhead on the Louisville/Lafayette border. It is a good bike ride from mid-Spring until mid-fall and is especially pretty in the fall. Some of the viewing …

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Louisville Long Loop Trail

You can start this trail anywhere along the loop, and there are numerous trailheads for parking. Probably the best place to start, especially for a group ride, is at Community Park in Louisville. The trail is right across the road from the south parking lot, near the dog park. Other than the gradual climb up …

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Olympic Discovery Trail

This multi-season trail is paved and makes a great trail for hiking and bike riding. Certain stretches of the Olympic Discovery Trail are also wonderful for tandem bikes, recumbents, stand-up vehicles and equestrians. It runs through three medium-to-large sized towns, so offers plenty of opportunities to find food. It runs fairly close to a large …

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Swansea Bike Path

Swansea Bike Path

The Swansea Bike Path can be connected with the Clyne Valley Country Park Trail and/or the Swansea Valley Trail 43 for a much longer ride if you prefer. But this ride is wonderful for families or beach bums. It’s mostly flat as a pancake and cooled by refreshing sea breezes. Ride along Swansea Bay and be …

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Stratford Greenway

England is the greatest country in the world for hiking. But bicycling in the U.K. can be less than family friendly. The roads are narrow and obviously they forgot to include a citizen’s (or Baron’s) right to bicycle safely in the Magna Carta because bike lanes are non-existent and bike paths are nearly non-existent. Fortunately …

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