Apr 17

Trail Gear Suggestion: Coatback

What is Coatback?

Coatback jacket storage system in portable container.

Coatback is Portable

Coatback is an ideal solution for those trail days that start out chilly but warm up as the day goes on. Doesn’t that sound like pretty much every day on the trail? It does for me, so that’s why I appreciate the Coatback.The mantra for how to dress on the trail is, “Dress in layers.” And that’s a good suggestion. Except what do you do with those layers as you begin to peel them? The Coatback provides the answer to that question. It allows you to wear that excess clothing safely and securely on your back. To fully understand this, please take a look at the video located at the end of this blog post.

Why Coatback?

This question is best answered in the ubiquitous bulleted list:

  • Coatback is extremely compact and can be stored in your daypack or bike bag.
  • Coatback is easy to use
  • Coatback allows you to carry your jacket or other clothing in a way other than the yuppy “tie it around your waist” technique.
  • Coatback allows you to quickly add or shed clothing throughout the day according to weather conditions.
  • Coatback is good for active trail use to compensate for varying levels of activity that might leave you cold one minute and sweating hot the next.
  • Coatback is easy to carry for active travel such as on hiking trips, bike trips, ski trips and more.

Standard Trail Gear

If you’re like me, you have a collection of indispensable trail gear for all occasions. Whether you are a biker, hiker or skier, you have a stash of clothing and equipment that you raid before each trail trip. Coatback is now part of my standard trail gear. I keep it with my bike gloves, daypacks, trail snacks and miscellaneous outdoor gear. And it is now mandatory equipment when I go on trail journeys. It’s easy to use, easy to pack and certainly comes in handy when I start shedding excess layers due to warm weather or glorious trail exertion. Hmmmmmm. That might be a good name for my next blog post: Glorious Trail Exertion.

Anyway, have a look at the following video and seriously consider adding Coatback to your stockpile of trail gear:

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Apr 04

Bicycle Camper Trailer

Portable Bicycle Camper Trailer

photo of bike camper trailer

bicycle camper trailer

Tent camping and hotels are no longer the only options for those of you who like to travel on long-distance bicycle paths. Thanks to companies that are starting to manufacture foldable bicycle trailers & portable bicycle trailers, you now have the option of towing a camper trailer behind your bike. In addition to allowing you to camp in relative comfort and safety, it also provides you with a trailer to stow your gear. (such as extra clothing, camping gear, etc.)

Wide Path Camper

One of the finest bike camper trailers is made by company called Wide-Path Camper. The pictures shown w/ this post are of the Wide Path bicycle trailers. As you can see,

bicycle camper trailer near trail

bike camper trailer

the trailers fold down to a fairly small profile for ease of towing on a relatively flat trail. Since they have a wider footprint than a typical bicycle, they seem less than ideal for most roads & highways unless those highways have an exceedingly and consistently wide shoulder. I would recommend these for long-distance bike paths including rail-trails & canal trails. Although not mandatory, it would be best to tow these bicycle trailer campers on paved or concrete trails. Wide-Path Campers fold out and can be taken from the portable towing configuration to the camper configuration in about three minutes. The Wide Path Campers weigh just under 100 pounds, so are best suited for fit & experienced cyclists.

Other Bicycle Trailer Campers

photos of bicycle camper trailers

bicycle camper trailer photos courtesy of weburbanist.com

The Web Urbanist blog also has a great post about Bike Campers for Nomadic Cyclists. It shows intriguing photos of a dozen different cycle camper trailers from basic to luxury. Some of these are homemade and others are available for purchase. But it looks like this may be a new trend for traveling bicyclists whether you are on an active travel tour or just riding your local urban bike trails.

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Mar 28

Camino del Rey Trail in Spain

Camino del Rey Trail Photos Say it Allimages

If trail enthusiasts in Spain can find the funding for this incredible suspended trail, then cities, states, counties, provinces & countries should easily be able to fund the vital trails images-1needed to form an essential network of trails for recreation, exercise and transportation. Although most people call this trail Camino del Rey, it’s actual name is Caminito del Rey which means “the king’s little pathway.” That’s all I’ll say about this amazing trail. I’ll let these Camino Del Rey footpath photos do the rest of the talking.

images-2 images-3 images-4


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