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Dec 01

Electric Bike Trail Etiquette

trail through the forest

Trail Etiquette: E-Bikes As electric bikes become increasingly durable, lighter in weight, and more powerful, they are becoming a popular form of transportation. Thanks to e-bike kits, riders have the chance to cross greater distances than ever before. While this is great for commuting to work and avoiding traffic, many riders are taking their e-bikes …

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Apr 02

Group Bike Ride Etiquette on Trails

Group Rides on Trails We’ve all seen the group rides on roads. It seems like there’s no rhyme, no reason & no rules. Cyclists riding double, triple & quadruple file spilling out into the road & completely ignoring the bike lane. But on trails, it’s essential that bicyclists heed the rules, both written & unwritten. …

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Jun 16

Trail Workers Deserve Respect

cyclists must dismount sign at construction site

Trail Construction Trail detours happen!! They’re inevitable, but necessary. I experienced very minor trail detours both yesterday and today. This particular trail detour was barely even noticeable. But a brief conversation I had with some of the construction workers was enlightening and disappointing. They revealed an ugly side to some local trail bikers. At this …

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