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Louisville Loop Trail

This trail is a conglomeration of numerous Louisville trails including the gorgeous Coal Creek Trail. Not only is the trail scenic, it is also very safe except for the eastern crossing of South Boulder Road. This trail is suitable for nearly all personal transportation vehicles, but road bikers may not like the gravel trail portions. Two sections of the trail are slightly steep with very fun switchbacks. One of these trail portions is known as Colorado’s version of Lombard Street. The other is known as “The Black Hole.”

From this loop trail, bicyclists and pedestrians can access the Louisville Recreation Center, historic downtown Louisville, the new Alfalfa’s marketplace and plenty of peaceful open space. Did I mention the beautiful Coal Creek corridor?

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Suggested Lodging

hotels on Dillon Road in Louisville

Suggested Dining

Main Street restaurants such as the Huckleberry, Bobs, The Rex, the Blue Parrot and Vic's Coffee Shop

Suggested Bike Rental / Repair

Louisville Cyclery on South Boulder Road

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