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Trail Vehicles

Personal Transportation Vehicles for Trails

Thank you for visiting the Trail Vehicle Reviews page on Trailsnet. PTVs (aka Personal Transportation Vehicles or Trail Vehicles) are good for exercise, the environment and recreation. Click on the links below to check out our PTV reviews:

  • RideKick Electric Bike Trailer

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Haibike xduro electric mountain bike

Haibike Xduro Electric Mountain Bike

Haibike XDuro Electric Mountain Bike Recently I had the pleasure of test riding a Haibike Xduro electric mountain bikes. I was thoroughly impressed by its innovative engineering and functional versatility. Haibike has been around for awhile and they are one of the pioneers of the electric mountain bike. But they aren’t satisfied with creating a “decent …

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3G Stepper

New Personal Transportation Vehicle for Upright Riding Trail running is great exercise, but a little hard on the feet, knees and back. Bike riding on trails is lots of fun, but sometimes a pain in the neck, literally. It would be perfect to combine the two. The upright position of running combined with the smooth, rolling cadence …

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RideKick Electric Bike Trailer

Ridekick Electric Bike Trailer electric bike trailers, electric bikes on trail, electric powered bicycles (Edit Post) by trailsnet Ridekick electric trailer Make Any Bike an Electric Bike If you’d like the benefits of an electric bike while still retaining the benefits of your regular bike, then the Ridekick is the perfect solution for you. Ridekick is an electric trailer that …

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and dutch bikes

Promoting Car Free Lifestyle The motto of the And Dutch bicycle company is ” Who needs cars after all?” As you can imagine, that attracted my attention right from the start. Then I noticed the trendy and totally functional bicycles and accessories on the And Dutch website. Their main claim to fame seems to be retro cruiser …

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Hebb eBikes

Hebb Electric Bikes If you haven’t heard of Hebb eBikes yet, you’re about to become acquainted with one of the top electric bicycles on the market. Bill Hebb first discovered electric bikes on his business trips to China. So he decided to build and market an ebike of his own. It is obvious from the quality of …

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ICE Recumbent Trike

Trailsnet’s First Recumbent Trike Review I’m not sure what took Trailsnet so long to review recumbent trikes. They’ve been on our radar from day one. In fact recumbents were one of the first personal transportation vehicles to catch our attention and help us decide to make PTVs a focus area for Trailsnet, and we’ve always …

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iZip electric bicyle

iZip Electric Bicycles

Currie Technologies Currie Technologies makes a wide range of electric bikes from affordable models with lead-acid batteries starting just below $1,000 to higher end electric bikes with Lithium-ion batteries that sell for around $4,000. Currie Technologies sells two lines of electric bikes: the iZip electric bike (reviewed here) and the eFlow electric bicycle. Currie also …

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Pedego electric bike

Ped-e-Go Electric Bicycle What’s better than riding a premium electric bicycle? How about riding one that you designed from the tires on up? Pedego definitely fits into the category of premium electric bikes. And now, the folks at Pedego electric cycles are offering you the chance to build the electric bike of your dreams; and if that isn’t …

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installed OmniWheel electric wheel

Omni Wheel by Evelo

Omni Wheel Makes Any Bike an Electric Bike This Omni Wheel Review is part of an ongoing series of trail-related products featured on Trailsnet.com. The OmniWheel is a revolutionary new product, made by Evelo, designed to make just about any bicycle into an electric bike. In essence, when you purchase an OmniWheel, you are purchasing a wheel, …

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electric bike control panel

Optibike Electric Mountain Bike

Optibike Review Is there any place this thing can’t go? It plows through mountain bike trails like they’re stairways to heaven. It negotiates multi-use paths efficiently yet with just the right amount of stealth. On the road it’s the best of both worlds with the maneuvering ability of a bicycle but the get-up-and-go of a …

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Pon-e Electric Trikkes

Electric Trail Vehicle Information Trailsnet has been the leader in reviews of Personal Transportation Vehicles (PTVs) and specifically electric personal transportation vehicles. Of course, here on Trailsnet, we prefer to call them trail vehicles, but whatever you call them, they’re economical, environmentally friendly and lots of fun. Here’s a sampling of some of the electric …

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elliptical bike on autumn trail

StrideRide by StrideCore

Outdoor Gymnasium Imagine taking your stair-stepper or elliptical outside on the trail with you. With the StrideRide by StrideCore, you get all the benefits of a stationary elliptical machine with the beautiful sunshine, fresh air and scenery of a trail.You are no longer religated to stinky gyms, boring views or painful runs. With a StrideRide, …

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Trikke Carving Vehicles   Trikke carving vehicles (Trikkes) are the brain-child of Gildo Bileski and may be the ultimate full-body workout for trail lovers. Trikkes are powered by a combination of leg, hip and arm power and are usually seen swaying down the trail in a back-and-forth motion like a trout swimming upstream. The tri- …

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