Feb 17

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Bicycle Safety Tips from the Onion & Trailsnet

Bicycle safety-tips according to the Onion. If you’ve got a sense of humor, you’ll enjoy the tips. If not, please refrain from clicking on the link at the beginning of this blog post. Either way, remember that the tips are offered tongue-in-cheek, so don’t take them too seriously…

Bicycle  Tips According to Trailsnet

…however, one of the tips offered by the Onion was:

email your representative about trail funding

contact your representatives

  • Does your city have adequate bike paths? If not, consider bitching about it to your local government for the next 40 years.

The Onion may  have presented that as a joke, but we present it seriously… with a little rewording. Here’s the trailsnet version of that Onion tip:

  • If you want more bike paths (or trails of any kind), they aren’t going to happen by magic. You will have to be vocal and be persistent. Write to your congress person, call a city council member, email your mayor, leave a message for your governor. Be vocal, be persistent, be heard. Now, more than ever, each one of us who appreciates and values trails must do more than just hope and wish. We must all be extremely proactive. Trail funding is being seriously challenged, reduced, and possibly eliminated. We can’t allow that to happen. Do your part to protect, preserve and expand trails.

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