Mar 24

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Great Places To Hike While Visiting The Grand Canyon

Hiking Trails in the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Southwestern United States. People all over the country make a point to hike on its many trails when they visit Arizona. There are a number of different regions in the park that are worth visiting. Unfortunately, you probably won’t have the time or the stamina to see all of them. You will need to decide which areas are most worth seeing when you go the Grand Canyon. Here are some of the hiking trails that you will want to check out during your trip.

Best Places to Hike in the Grand Canyon

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southwest canyon trail

South Rim

The South Rim is the most popular part of the Grand Canyon. There are a number of famous points on the South Rim, such as Pipe Creek Vista. The people managing the tours go to great lengths to make the experience fun and exciting. There are regular bus tours and other services worth checking out. This is the first place that many people go to when they are visiting the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, that also means that it is the most crowded so you may want to start somewhere else during the busiest times of the day.

North Rim

The imagery around the North Rim is just as beautiful as the southern side of the canyon. You will also find that not nearly as many people make the trek up to the northern rim, so you won’t feel quite as crowded. There are also several lodgings near the northern rim where you can go for a meal and a break from the sun. The Kaibab Lodge is one of the most popular places to go when you need something to eat.

South Kaibab Trail

The South Kaibab Trail is one of the most popular hiking trails in the canyon. The South Kaibab Trail runs along a ridge higher up along the Grand Canyon, so you will have a great view of the terrain below. This is a great place to hike year-round. However, you will need to be careful when traveling in the summer. The trails can become very hot and there are few places to escape the bright, desert sun. You should wear a large hat and use plenty of sun protection. You should also bring several quarts of water to keep you from becoming dehydrated.

Enjoy Your Trip to the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon covers nearly 5,000 square miles. You will have a great time hiking the many great trails during your trip. There are many wonderful places to check out, but unfortunately most people don’t have enough time or energy to see all of them during their trip. These are some of the places that I think you may want to look at first.

About the Author: Kalen went on vacation to the southwestern United States. He spent some time in Arizona where he stayed at the Suburban Extended Stay Hotel in Sierra Vista Arizona.

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  1. greatplainstrail

    I did a 3 day epic rim to rim hike back in 1990. It was absolutely incredible!

    1. trailsnet

      I didn’t know there was a place where you could hike rim to rim in the Grand Canyon. Where is that? That would definitely be a grueling hike, both going down and up.

      1. greatplainstrail

        Long story. Started on the South Rim and we had a driver who drove the 200 miles to pick us up on the North Rim when we were finished.

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