May 28

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Social Trails & Social Media

What are Social Trails?

The Trailsnet “trail phrase of the day” is Social Trails. Social trails are unofficial trails that often branch off of “official trails.” Social trails are often used by locals to get from one trail to another, from a neighborhood to a trail or from a trail to a business. Social trails are not always legal, but still quite prevalent out there in the trail kingdom. Therefore, you won’t find most social trails on trail maps or websites such as Trailsnet.com. Dog walkers love social trails as a place to take their best friend on a walk and, not that I would ever do this, but such walks often entail off-leash time for Fido.

Trailsnet has 4,000 Twitter Followers

Speaking of dog walkers and trail enthusiasts, congratulations to outdoor enthusiast Arlen Leeming was the 4,000th Trailsnet follower on Twitter. Thanks for joining the Trailsnet community, Arlen. Hopefully you’ll find a chance to add your favorite trail to Trailsnet.com. We’d love to know where that beautiful dog of yours likes going for walks… or where you like hiking or bike riding. I promise, we’ll get Canada in our system soon.

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