Jan 12

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Sark Island: A Car Free Paradise

Island Trails

Sark island trail for bikes & pedestrians

La Coupee Route on Sark

The Island of Sark is tough to get to, but well worth the journey. It is located off the coast of Normandy, France, but accessed, indirectly from England. Since there is no airport on the island, the only way to get there is on a boat from England to Guernsey and then another boat from Guernsey to Sark. Once there, you’re still not home free. Since cars are not allowed on the island, your boat will land at one of the world’s smallest ports, you’ll walk through a tunnel, then you’ll ride a horse-drawn wagon to your accommodation. Now you’ve got to admit, that sounds fun.

Walk, Ride Bike or Ride Horse Drawn Carriage

Once on the island, you have three choices for transportation. If you are a hiker, you’re in luck, because whether you’re on a coastal path or one of the main ‘thoroughfares’ of Sark, you do not have to worry about traffic. Since cars aren’t allowed on the island, you have no fears of pollution, traffic jams or getting run over by a texting driver. If you’re a bicyclist, you’re also in luck, because you’ll be king of the road… well other than those pesky horse-drawn carriages. But don’t worry, you’re safe. The horses are quite friendly as are the carriage drivers.

Car Free = Trails

If an island is car free, then all passageways are trails. If that’s not an official rule, then it is now. So whether you’re on Mackinaw Island in Michigan, a remote island in Fiji or Sark Island in the English Channel, you’re in Trailsnet country. If any of you have visited Sark or have another car-free island to suggest, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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