Oct 14

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Trail Snack Review For October

snack out loud trail food

Snack Out Loud Products

Trail Snack With Protein

Finding a good snack for your trail excursions can be tricky under any circumstances. You want something that tastes good but is also healthy. In addition, it would be nice to get some protein in our trail snacks. Last month, Trailsnet featured some meat-based trail snacks that provided lots of protein. That’s fine, as long as you’re not a vegetarian or a vegan. But what about if you want a more traditional trail snack without the meat? Fortunately the folks at Snack Out Loud Foods have created some fantastic bean-based snacks that provide great taste, convenience and lots of protein. Their two signature snacks are Power Puffs and Crunchy Bean Snacks.

Power Puffs

Power Puff trail snacks

Power Puffs

Power Puffs snacks are taking the puffed snacks category by storm. Rather than the traditional corn oil and corn-based puff snacks, Power Puffs are made with navy beans, brown rice and coconut oil. This provides significantly more protein, vitamins and fiber for active trail hikers, bikers and backpackers. Power Puffs come in the following flavors:

  • White Cheddar
  • Sweet & Tangy BBQ
  • Sea Salt & Vinegar

See below for a full list of Power Puffs benefits.

Crunchy Bean Snacks

Crunchy Bean Snacks are a totally unique addition to the snacking world. As their name implies, they are a substantially crunchy snack food.  Not only are they fantastic as trail snacks, but they also make a great crunchy topping for salads
and soups. Made from nutrient-packed pinto beans, they are a unique alternative to nuts. With the same amount of

trail snacks made with beans

Crunchy Bean Snacks

protein (per gram) as almonds, they actually have half
the calories and fat. They come in two sizes, the 1.2 oz bags are great for day hikes and short bike outings. For longer trail excursions, you’ll probably want to pick up the 6 oz esealable bag. The larger size is perfect for backpacking trips and for sharing with your trail buddies. The Crunchy Bean Snacks come in the following flavors

  • Sea Salt
  • Tomato Basil
  • Ranch (snack size only)
  • Jalepeño Cheddar
  • Smoky Chipotle BBQ



Benefits of Snack Out Loud Foods

nutritional information about pinto beans

Advantages of Pinto Beans

For years, trail snacks have been dominated by options such as beef jerky, candy and trail mixes that usually contained nuts and more candy. Thank goodness we now have more options for healthy trail snacks. Snack Out Loud Foods is one of our new options. Some of the benefits of Snack Out Loud Foods include:

  • Good source of protein & fiber
  • Non-GMO
  • Allergen friendly
  • Vegetarian and vegan friendly
  • Low glycemic complex carbs
  • Taste delicious

Suggestions for Improvement

As with all Trailsnet product reviews, I like to provide suggestions for improvements. At this point, I can only think of one. The current lineup of Snack Out Loud Foods is entirely dominated by savory snacks. I’d love to see at least one sweet option. We’ll call it our trail snack dessert. Something along the lines of a cinnamon sugar puff or sweet pumpkin bean snack would be good. Not only would it compliment the savory snacks, but it would also make a wonderful topping on oatmeal or yogurt.

Where to Buy Snack Out Loud Trail Foods

So now the only question is, “Where can you purchase Snack Out Loud Foods for your next trail excursion?” Once again, you’ve got lots of options:

Now that you’ve had a chance to read about our trail snack suggestions, we’d love to hear what you think. Have you ever tried Crunchy Bean Snacks or Power Puffs? What are your favorite trail foods? Feel free to leave comments on the Trailsnet.com website.

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  1. Keith Bimson

    Kevin, interesting information. I’ll have to give them a try.

    Another company that I have run across is Aloha . Have you tried any of their food? I haven’t, but they offer a free trial, so I just might.

    Good stuff, as usual.

    1. trailsnet

      Thanks for the tip, Keith. I’ll definitely have to give Aloha a try. You had me at free trial. (-:

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