Mar 20

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C2 Performance Tights Product Review

Stay Warm on the Trail This Spring

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Activewear C2 Tights

It’s that time of year. At the beginning of your ride, hike or run, it’s freezing cold, and you want to bundle up to stay warm. But half-way into your activity, you’re becoming overheated and uncomfortable. Should you wear shorts and a t-shirt or full-length pants and a sweatshirt? I’ve recently found a way to have the best of both worlds. Of course I’ve long known about the benefits of layering. And that works fine on my top half. I don a light t-shirt covered by a warm long-sleeved shirt. Then when the weather gets warmer, I shed the outer layer. But it’s always been a little trickier on the bottom. Full-length pants don’t fit well over a pair of shorts, so I was always left deciding whether to wear shorts and freeze for half my workout or wear sweats/pants and bake for half the workout. Then I discovered C2 Performance Tights.

C2 Performance Tights

I recently discovered the warmth & convenience of Performance Tights by C2. Performance tights fit snugly so they don’t have that awkward bagging appearance of most full-length bottoms. So they’re ideal for hiking, biking, climbing and running. Yet they’re also incredibly comfortable and snug. They keep you warm when there’s a chill in the air, yet they don’t bog you down like other pants products. Worn under a pair of shorts, they’re easy to shed when/if it starts getting warm outside. And they’re easy to store in a pannier, daypack or backpack. I find them especially handy for spring bike rides. They fit just tightly enough so that I don’t have to worry about getting them caught in my bicycle chain.

C2 Performance Tights Helpful Tips

Performance Tights are a great clothing product to add to your trail supplies. As with most Trailsnet reviews, I have enclosed a couple of easy-to-follow lists of reasons why I like this particular outdoor product and ways to fully benefit from your C2 Performance Tights.

These are a few of my favorite C2 Performance Tights qualities:

  • warmth
  • comfort
  • versatility
  • looks
  • made in USA
  • high quality
  • moisture wicking (comfortable in light rain showers or snow flurries)
  • great for active lifestyle or lounging around the house/tent/trailhead


C2 Performance Tights are good for:

  • running
  • Stand-Up PTV activities
  • camping
  • kayaking
  • après ski or après any activity

C2 Performance Tights not recommended for:

  • strenuous activity over 50°F
  • moderate-to-light activities over 60°F
  • swimming
For Performance Tights and other outdoor clothing products, visit the C2 website.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Performance Tights for free from C2 as coordinated by Outdoor PR in consideration for review publication.

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