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What is trailsnet?

What kind of trails are found on trailsnet?

 How do I add trails to trailsnet?

Why add trails to trailsnet?

What makes trailsnet unique?

What is the difference between and

  • includes a blog, trail vehicle (PTV) information, trail tour information, trail products reviews, and the ability for users to add trail information.
  • is mainly a listing of trails with the ability for users to add trail information.
  • Both & are currently non-profit websites, however is officially registered as a non-profit entity whereas does not currently have that official designation.

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What is Trailsnet?

Trailsnet … is a website for active travelers and trail lovers. provides information about both self-guided and hosted active travel opportunities worldwide. is a network of trails on the internet. allows users to find the trail of their dreams for biking, Trikke carving, water sports, hiking, snowshoeing, inline skating, cross-country skiing, backpacking, trail running and …

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What Kind of Trails are on Trailsnet?

Biggest Variety of Trails on the Internet Trailsnet has the biggest selection of trail types on the internet. In addition to the usual mountain bike and hiking trails, we also include information about destination trails, vacation trails, tour trails and more. Here is a list of just some of the trail types that are available …

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How to Add Trails to

From any page in the trailsnet website, click on the “Add a New Trail!”  link near the top of the page. If you are a new user, after clicking the “Add a New Trail” link, you will have the opportunity to register with trailsnet by providing a Username of your choice, email address and password of …

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Why add trails to trailsnet?

Benefits of Adding Trails to It’s nice to share. If you have a trail that you enjoy, now you can share it with others so they can enjoy it. Believe it or not, there is absolutely no record of how many miles of trail there are in the United States, the world, or even …

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Guest Blog Post Guidelines

Trail Blog Posts Welcome Just like Trailsnet welcomes guests to post trail information, we also accept guest blog posts. However, Trailsnet has blog guest post guidelines, so please have a look at these guest post requirements: conveys quality, practical information about trails or trail-related topics (This is essential & guest-posts will not be accepted if they …

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Helpful Trail Links

Trail Links on Trailsnet Trailsnet is proud to sponsor links to the following trail-related businesses, non-profits and websites: Traillink: the Official Trail Website of the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy American Trails: Ensuring Trails for Our Future Great Plains Trail Alliance: America’s Newest Scenic Trail Seattle BackPackers Magazine is the place to go when you can’t go backpacking.

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What makes trailsnet unique?

Trailsnet is the Most Comprehensive Trail Website! Trailsnet is the only trails website that caters to active travelers. We realize that some people enjoy trails so much that they design vacations around their favorite long-distance trails. So we provide news about trail tours, active travel tour companies,  long-distance trails, and how to plan trail-based vacations. …

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