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How to Add Trails to Trailsnet.com

From any page in the trailsnet website, click on the “Add a New Trail!”  link near the top of the page.

  • If you are a new user, after clicking the “Add a New Trail” link, you will have the opportunity to register with trailsnet by providing a Username of your choice, email address and password of your choice. Don’t worry about providing your email address. Trailsnet will not share your address with anybody and will not send you junk email.
  • For returning users, you will either automatically be logged in or, if too much time has elapsed, you just have to provide your Username & Password. (So keep track of these, please.)
    Add a Trail form

    Add a Trail

  • Enter as much trail information as you have available. It’s an extremely simple process. Much of it consists of filling in check boxes.
    For each trail entry, the information needed includes:
    -trail location (check box)
    – trail length (check box)
    – trail type (check box)
    – trail surface (check box)
    – what types of users can access the trail (check box)
    – brief description of the trail
    Optional information that can be added includes:
    – a trail map
    – trail photos

    how to add trail maps on Trailsnet.com

    Add Trail Photos or Map

    – nearby restaurants
    – nearby lodging
    – nearby bicycle rental, sales or repair facilities
  • Adding a trail map is fast & easy using the new Trailsnet map generator. Simply scroll down to the “Trail Map” portion of the add-a-trail form and click on the “Add File” button. Then just drag or paste your GPX or KML file into the form. (These are the files usually generated from GPS units or trail mapping apps on your smart phone.)
  • You’ll find a place to add photos also, and who doesn’t love looking at trail photo?.
  • Once you’ve entered all the information, you will submit the trail for final review; you will be notified once it has been published. (When that happens, feel free to notify the world that you are a published trail-guide writer. Share the good news with your Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and blog friends.)
  • If too much time has passed and you have not heard from us or your trail has not posted to Trailsnet, feel fee to use the contact button to get ahold of us and say, “What’s up?”

Trailsnet truly appreciates your trail contributions. Thanks for helping us develop a worldwide network of trails on the internet.

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  1. trailsnet

    If you have questions about the Add a New Trail process on Trailsnet.com, feel free to use this comment area or the Contact button above to pick our brains.

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