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What makes trailsnet unique?

Trailsnet is the Most Comprehensive Trail Website!

  • Trailsnet is the only trails website that caters to active travelers. We realize that some people enjoy trails so much that they design vacations around their favorite long-distance trails. So we provide news about trail tours, active travel tour companies,  long-distance trails, and how to plan trail-based vacations.
  • Trailsnet knows that trails are particularly well-suited to most personal transportation vehicles (PTVs) like bikes, Trikkes, recumbents, tandems, G3 Steppers, Elliptigo, Street Strider, inline skates, etc. So we provide information about personal transportation vehicles as well as the trails that cater to those vehicles.
  • Trailsnet is not directly affiliated with any other organization, so our trail reviews are unbiased and diversified. We include information about all types of trails, not just limited types of trails.
  • Trailsnet absolutely does not compete with other trail organizations but works in conjunction with them. In fact, trailsnet is a huge supporter of such organizations as American Trails and Rails to Trails Conservancy.
  • Registering with and adding trails to trailsnet is incredibly easy. We don’t require membership, personal details or a lengthy profile.

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  1. Trailsnet has trail information about bike trails, hiking trails, running trails & more.

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