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Capulin Volcano Crater Rim Trail

Ghost Towns & Trail Runs

Whichever way you look from the Crater Rim Trail, you’ll enjoy stunning views of a volcanic crater and

volcano rim asphalt trail on Capulin Volcano Crater Rim

crater rim trail view

of spectacular New Mexico scenery. But before you visit Capulin Volcano National Monument, I recommend a quick tour of nearby Folsom Village. Imagine a ghost town with some of its ghosts still enjoying this mortal sphere participating in activities like the annual Capulin Volcano Run.

Crater Rim Trail

How many chances do you get to walk around a volcano then descend directly into the heart of its crater? The Capulin Volcano National Monument Crater Rim Trail offers you that opportunity. The asphalt trail that runs around the very top of the crater rim is not at all difficult for hiking, but be prepared for some steep ascents and a couple switchbacks along the way. After completely circling the crater, you will get the opportunity of walking right down into what used to be the spewing caldera of an extremely active volcano. One of the local rangers recommends walking the trail clockwise to get the steepest ascent out of the way at the very beginning. But in the end, it doesn’t really matter which way you go. Since it’s a loop trail, you’ll go downhill just as much as you go uphill.

No Bike Riding on Trail and Road Bike Hours Are Limited

Bicycles aren’t allowed on the rim trail and, although it might look fun to ride your bike back down the volcano road, that’s not allowed during business hours either. Oddly enough, bike riders are welcome to ride the road after it is closed. I guess that is to avoid conflicts between bicyclists and drivers.

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