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Cheshire Rail Trail

Cheshire Rail Trail can be used as a hiking trail, horseback riding trail, snowmobile trail, cross-country ski trail, bike trail, or even a dogsled trail. It screams, “Classic New England” rail-trail.

Cheshire Rail Trail view of river from stone bridge

Cheshire Trail overlooks river from historic Stone Bridge

The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland is named after Cheshire County New England. The Cheshire Rail Trail is named after Cheshire County in New Hampshire which is also name after the Cheshire region in England. And more than likely, you’ll be wearing a grin much like that of the Cheshire Cat when you go for a bike ride on the 27 mile long Cheshire Rail Trail. While hiking or riding on this rails-to-trails route, you will encounter beautiful New Hampshire scenery. If you visit in the summer, you can ride a mountain bike, hybrid bike, or recumbent bike on the trail. If you’re into equestrian trails, you can enjoy a beautiful horseback ride. In the winter, you may want to nordic ski, snowmobile, or try dogsledding the Cheshire Rail Trail.
In addition to enjoying mother nature’s scenery along this trail, you can also enjoy such man-made diversions as the old railroad depot in Troy, New Hampshire and the quintessential country store known as the Depot General Store in Fitzwilliam Depot in Fitzwilliam Village, New Hampshire.
Another great stopping spot along the Cheshire Rail Trail is Rockwood Pond. This pretty lake is scenic all year long but is especially inviting on a hot summer day or a colorful autumn day in New England.

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